Toronto Star Column By Linda McQuaig Erases Thousands Of Years Of Jewish History In Israel

April 5, 2024

To fully dissect Linda McQuaig’s painfully ignorant April 4 column in The Toronto Star, “From ‘vibrant’ society to rubble, Palestinian narrative is heart-breaking,” would be an ambitious undertaking.

In her commentary, McQuaig – in her third anti-Israel piece in recent weeks – demonstrates a seeming contempt for historical accuracy, instead preferring to tell a tale that is so historically inaccurate, its inclusion in The Toronto Star is nothing short of scandalous.

Starting with the current war, McQuaig falsely claims that Israel “has failed to locate the Hamas militants” in Gaza, oblivious to Israel’s statements that more than 13,000 terrorists have been killed in the war.

She regurgitates Hamas disinformation in claiming that 32,000 Gazans have been killed, an unverifiable claim from a terrorist organization that does not stand up to basic statistical scrutiny, and refers to Gaza as a “defenceless population,” carefully omitting that hundreds of Israeli soldiers have died fighting on the ground there in recent months, proof-positive that Israel faces a potent and deadly threat in the territory.

McQuaig asserts that Israel has “cut off access to food” to Gaza, a statement that is not only demonstrably false – almost 50 percent more food trucks are entering Gaza now than before October 7, producing scenes of busy markets in Gaza which have been entirely ignored by the news media – but which even a small child could discern is nonsense, given that if it were true, Gaza’s entire population would have starved to death months ago.

McQuaig refers to Israel as “the territory known as Palestine,” effectively erasing the Jewish State entirely, and slyly makes reference to “the land that was to become the Jewish homeland,” in future tense, not-too-subtly indicating that it had never before been of consequence to the Jewish People.

In fact, that position is made plainly clear in McQuaig’s screed, where she makes no mention of the three thousand years of continuous Jewish presence in the land of Israel, instead falsely implying that the Jewish habitation began far more recently.

Showing a remarkable ability to reframe reality to fit her extreme ideology, McQuaig claims that the 1917 Balfour Declaration “made clear that there would be no homeland for the Arab-speaking people.” The document makes no such statement whatsoever, stating only that the British government was in support of re-establishing the land of Israel as a national home for the Jewish People.

Ignoring that the British government forcibly limited the number of Jewish immigrants into the region, McQuaig instead falsely states that “the British encouraged European Jews to immigrate to Palestine.”

What McQuaig carefully censors from her column is that in the 1947 Partition Plan for Palestine, the United Nations voted in favour of splitting the ancient Jewish homeland in two, a position accepted by the Jewish delegates and roundly rejected by the Arab delegates who instead chose to wage war on the nascent Jewish State in an attempt to annihilate it.

The only mention that McQuaig gives to the Partition Plan is that “the Zionist forces prevailed over the Palestinian population, destroying hundreds of Palestinian villages, killing thousands of Palestinians and expelling more than 700,000 from their land.”

Not only does McQuaig conveniently avoid telling readers that it was the Arab states, not Israel, which launched the war in 1947, but that it was “the Zionist forces” who expelled 700,000 Arabs from their land.

In reality, while roughly that many Arabs did leave Israel at the time, many – if not most – did so as a result of the ‘encouragement’ or threats from Arab leaders who saw them as vulnerable to becoming loyal to Israel, and assuming that following Israel’s quick destruction, they could return.

Linda McQuaig’s April 4 column isn’t satisfied to simply make up falsehoods in the context of the Hamas-Israel war, but to show a complete disregard for any concept of historical accuracy and to erase thousands of years of Jewish history in their ancestral homeland.

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