Toronto Councillor Explains Why Anti-Israel Ads Should Not Appear on TTC

September 13, 2013

On Newstalk 1010’s the Jim Richard’s Show on Wednesday,  James Pasternak, Toronto Councillor for Ward 10, explained why an offensive ad bearing four maps of a “disappearing Palestine” should not appear in the TTC public sphere.

Explained Pasternak: “There are dozens of territorial disputes around the world. The last thing Toronto needs is the importation of these disputes onto our streets and public spaces…  The public sector— the government— doesn’t have to be an accomplice in it… It’s an obsessive attempt to delegitimize the state of Israel and as a public agency, we don’t have to participate in the dialogue of world conflict zones… people come here for a safe and secure environment to be free from those kinds of battles, we must be partners in that kind of civility which is why… people come here from all over the world… People have the right to assemble and to gather… but where it is stepping over the line is publicly funded resources to transmit that message and that is where government must say we will not participate in the exacerbation of world conflict zones on our streets.”






Listen to the full interview by clicking here


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