Tommy Lapid: "Life is good here"

April 26, 2007

Lapid_2Yosef "Tommy" Lapid, a Holocaust survivor, Israeli politician and journalist, offers his thoughts on living in Israel as it enters its 60th year:

"There is a huge gap between the State of Israel as it is reflected in the media and the State of Israel in reality. The media’s job is to criticize; that is how they serve the public. At the same time, they create an atmosphere of dejection and despondency, and in doing so they do not reflect a true picture of reality.

From reading the newspapers, listening to the radio and watching television, I understand that everything here is falling apart, that Israel is the failure of the Zionist vision, that our government is corrupt, the army is rusty, the education system is in shambles and our health system is ill.

But when I go out into the street I encounter an entirely different country. I see that people are well-dressed, children are chattering away on their mobile phones, homes are being renovated. I see new cars, half the population traveling on holidays, some to the north and others to the more distant north. I see that the cafes are filled to overflowing, the nightclubs are humming, art is flourishing, the beach is teaming.

A lot of things need to be changed, fixed, overhauled. But just the same: Life is good here."

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