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January 4, 2007

Jouanneau_image21 In the National Post today, Daniel Jouanneau (French Ambassador to Canada, pictured) responds to Robert Fulford?s critique of France?s Mideast policy which he claimed ?embodied? barefaced hypocrisy and too-clever-by-half diplomacy.?

According to Fulford: "In truth, France supports Israel on all occasions except when Israel needs support. Mainly it pursues what the Economist recently called "decades of pro-Arabism."

According to Jouanneau: "Mr. Fulford’s column is not a fair representation of the French policy in regard to anti-Semitism or the state of Israel. His point of view is based on disputable sources that misrepresent the stance of the vast majority of the French people."

You be the judge!

In the Toronto Sun today, Abraham Cooper, Leo Adler, and Harold Brackman slam Jimmy Carter?s new book "Palestine: peace not apartheid" as a "one-sided assault on Israel."

Choice quotes include:

"His book is not a road map to peace, but a detour into anti-Israel fantasy." Jimmycarterbook1

"What’s wrong with Peace Not Apartheid? First, the title of the book and the argument it elaborates that the policy Israel now has in the West Bank and Gaza is one of apartness or apartheid… There is no Israeli apartheid policy and Carter knows it."

Meanwhile, David Matas joins the chorus of voices highly critical of Carter’s book in a Globe and Mail column (available on the Globe & Mail?s online section only):

"He [Carter] goes astray by refusing to blame Palestinians for their misery, by rejecting the reality that it is a self-inflicted consequence of their own anti-Zionism. The labelling of Israel as an apartheid state is an attempt to justify or excuse the continuing Palestinian refusal to accept peace with Israel."

See critique of Carter?s book, appropriately labeling the screed "Presidential Pulp."


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