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The Windsor Star's "Palestinian West Bank"

by Mike Fegelman

Mikeblanchfield Reporting for the Windsor Star today, Canwest News reporter Mike Blanchfield (pictured) covered the pending visit of Jordan’s King Abdullah to Ottawa (scheduled for Thursday) and erroneously made reference to "the Palestinian West Bank."

Contrary to this description, at no time was the West Bank of the Jordan River under the sovereign control of a Palestinian government. Nor, for that matter, has its final status been ascertained; such status will be determined in accordance with the Road Map and other agreements.

Therefore, Mr. Blanchfield?s use of the term ?Palestinian West Bank? is an inappropriate acceptance of positions advocated by various Palestinian groups, rather than an unbiased appraisal of the situation.

We trust that Mr. Blanchfield will not argue that he was using the term ?Palestinian West Bank? to denote areas under Palestinian civil control; after all, he has never used the term ?Israeli West Bank? to denote areas under Israeli control.

HonestReporting Canada has contacted Windsor Star editors and requested that a correction notice be issued.



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