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The Problem With Short Wire Briefs

by Mike Fegelman

Qassam The Toronto Sun reported today that a ?Gaza blast kills 3 Palestinian children?. 

The short 34 word report briefly mentioned that the source of the ordnance was believed to be from an ?Israeli tank?.  However the report failed to mention that Palestinian terror organizations are making cynical use of children, by sending them to areas where rocket launchers are located to collect weapons, consciously endangering them in places where the Israeli Defense Force targets the rocket salvos and sites. 

The Washington Post reported that a relative of the children held Islamic Jihad (a Palestinian terrorist group), personally responsible for their deaths.  Meanwhile, Israeli military officials said that of the approximately 100 crude rockets that have been fired from the Gaza Strip in the past month, 92 of them have landed inside Israel.

By condensing a full length report into a short wire brief, Sun readers were deprived of integral information; namely that terrorist organizations are complicit in pressing kids for combat duty.



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