The Other Canadian Connection

July 25, 2006

The Canadian Press reports that a Canadian died yesterday in defense of Israel:

Farkashtom"A Canadian-born pilot serving in the Israeli Air Force was killed Monday after the helicopter he was flying crashed in northern Israel.

Lieutenant Tom Farkash, 23, had planned to fly to Canada to meet with childhood friends, but put off his vacation due to the conflict with Hezbollah militants in Lebanon…

Lt. Farkash was born in Canada, where his Israeli parents had moved when they were young. Eleven years ago they moved back to Israel and settled in Caesarea, a coastal town north of Tel Aviv.

Lt. Farkash was drafted to the Israeli Defence Forces, where he completed his pilot’s course and served as a helicopter gunship pilot….

Lt. Farkash’s father, Doron, also served in the Israeli Air Force as a Skyhawk pilot. He is now a captain for El Al, Israel’s airline.

He received the news of his son’s death in Toronto, where he works."

Two weeks ago, 20-year-old Canadian Yaniv Bar-On died trying to help his tank crew after it was blown up by a 300-kilogram Hezbollah mine.

CanWest News Service described Bar-On’s Canadian connection:

Baronyaniv_1"Bar-on, who was promoted posthumously to the rank of staff sergeant, had intended to become an air traffic controller when he left the Israeli Defence Forces and was considering doing those studies in Canada, his uncle said. Service in Israel’s military is compulsory.

‘He spent every summer in Montreal where he went to summer camps,’ said his 42-year-old uncle. ‘He loved watching from the sixth floor balcony of his grandmother’s apartment as planes landed all day at Dorval Airport.’…

Bar-on’s mother Carleen, emigrated from Montreal to Israel where she met her husband, Asher, who was from South Africa. Harry Cohen, who is Carleen’s brother, lives in New York where he works in public relations for a law firm. He is returning to Montreal next year."


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