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The Mess Gwynne Dyer Made

by Mike Fegelman

Gwynnedyer CTV’s Canada AM interviewed controversial Canadian writer Gwynne Dyer (pictured) who was promoting his new book "The Mess They Made." Host Seamus O’Regan had the following exchange with Dyer: (to watch the interview click here)

O’Regan: ?Do you leave Israel to fend for itself in that extent??

Dyer: ?Israel can fend for itself; it has the greatest military power between Germany and India. You know, Israel?s got hundreds of nuclear weapons, the most powerful army in the Middle East? It will always have America behind it in the sense that you sort of got an unlimited tact to get any new weapons that it wants and so on.  Israel is not at a risk.?

Considering yesterday’s attacks we are left scratching our heads at the idea that "Israel is not at risk." 

Meanwhile, CTV.ca featured an excerpt from his book which helps further clarify his stance on Israel and the Middle East:

?Finally, the question of Israel. The Middle East was definitely the wrong place to put a Jewish state if the idea was to create a safe haven for the world’s Jews, but that’s done now and the question is: Will Israel survive??

Considering that Dyer claims his "twice-weekly column on international affairs… is published by over 175 papers in some 45 countries," these comments leave us understandably quite worried. 

In the past we took issue with a screed he authored in the Toronto Star on October of 2004 entitled "Israeli Tail Wags American Dog" where he claimed that American politicians support Israel because they fear religious groups, especially ?American Jews, most of whom reflexively support any Israeli government, regardless of its policies.? Dyer also claimed that supporting Israel prevents America from "extricating American troops from the mess in Iraq."



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