The Daily Brief – Wednesday May 11, 2011

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May 11,
Toronto Star: Olivia Ward: "Syria feels squeeze from UN and the West" (11/5/2011)
"Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s international image suffered a black eye on Tuesday, as his violent crackdown against protesters brought a slap from western countries at the UN and European Union."
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See also: National Post Staff: "’Blogfather’ granted leave from Iranian prison" (11/5/2011)
"An Iranian-Canadian blogger serving a 19½-year prison sentence in Iran was released earlier this month but is now apparently back in prison."
Submit online comment AP: "Syria army shells residential areas" (11/5/2011)
"The Syrian army has been firing on residential areas in the central city of Homs, as it attempts to end a continued uprising in the country, reports say."
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Edmonton Journal: Staff: "Activists preparing new Gaza flotilla" (11/5/2011)
"The organizers of a new Gaza flotilla vowed on Tuesday to carry out their plan to break an Israeli naval blockade and deliver aid to the Palestinian enclave, in what an Israeli official warned would be a "political provocation."
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Montreal Gazette: Kevin Dougherty: "Khadir lone dissenter in ADQ motion inspired by death of bin Laden" (10/5/2011)
"Amir Khadir, the Québec solidaire MNA for Montreal’s Mercier riding, was the only member of the National Assembly Tuesday to vote against a resolution inspired by the death of Osama bin Laden, saying the motion smacked of “Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin’s” rhetoric."
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Montreal Gazette: Staff: "Boisterous crowd celebrates Israel’s anniversary" (10/5/2011)
"Place du Canada was awash in blue and white Tuesday as hundreds of Montrealers gathered to celebrate the 63rd birthday of the State of Israel."
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CTV Montreal: Staff: "Montrealers celebrate Israel’s 63rd anniversary" (10/5/2011)
"thousands of Montrealers celebrated Israel’s 63rd anniversary today. they gathered downtown at Philip square on Sainte-Catherine street for some live music. prime minister Stephen Harper says since its creation the world has witnessed Israel’s unwavering dedication to affirm its right to exist and to achieve peace and security."
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Windsor Star: Staff: "Marking Israeli indepedence" (11/5/2011)
"Montrealers gathered at place du Canada on Tuesday to celebrate Israel Independence Day, the 63rd anniversary of the Jewish state’s creation."

CTV Toronto: Staff: "Toronto’s Jewish communty celebrate Israel’s 63rd" (10/5/2011)
"Toronto’s Jewish community was throwing a party. it’s Israel’s independence day. the state of Israel was established on may 14th, 1948 and based on the Hebrew calendar, today is Israel’s 63rd birthday. this is in fact one of the biggest non-religious holidays in Israel and here in Toronto, Canadian Jews were celebrating. 3,000 people enjoyed a variety of activities throughout the square."
Clip unavailable AP: "Israel’s leaders praise troops on Independence Day" (10/5/2011)
"Israeli leaders gathered with soldiers Tuesday to mark the country’s 63rd Independence Day, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calling Israel a model in the global fight against terrorism." AP/CP: "Google exec signs book deal about Egypt uprising" (11/5/2011)
"The Google executive credited with helping to inspire the uprising in Egypt has a seven-figure book deal."

Hamilton Spectator: Staff:"Iran powers up nuclear reactor" (11/5/2011)
"The first reactor at Iran’s Bushehr nuclear power plant has gone into operation, the Russian state company that built the complex said Tuesday."
Send letter to editor Staff: "Dutch anti-Islam speech in Ottawa angers Muslims" (10/5/2011)
"Members of Canada’s Muslim community say the government is guilty of hypocrisy in allowing a prominent critic of Islam to enter Canada on a speaking tour."
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24hrs Toronto: Reuters: "Give unity a chance, Palestinian PM urges" (11/5/2011)
"Palestinian unity is crucial to peace with Israel and the pact between the secular Fatah and Islamist Hamas movements must be given a chance, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said on Friday."


Toronto Star: Editorial: "Syria gets the message" (11/5/2011)
"Syrian President Bashar Assad has relied on tank cannons and sniper fire to silence those who dared to cry “freedom” in the streets of Damascus, Daara and other cities, demanding credible elections, accountability and the rule of law. Civil rights groups fear that as many as 800 Arab Awakening activists have died since March 16 in the bloody crackdown. As many as 10,000 have been arrested. Whole cities have been terrorized."
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Vancouver Sun: Jonathan Manthorpe: "Arab Spring gets frost bite" (11/5/2011)
"The Arab Spring stalled in mid-February. Tunisia, where the Jasmine Revolution started on Dec. 17 when street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire to protest police harassment, is quietly progressing toward a reformed system."
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Saskatoon Star Phoenix: "Israel should hold Hamas talks: Peres" (11/5/2011)
"Shimon Peres, the Israeli president, has urged the government to start negotiations with Hamas in the wake of a Palestinian unity deal."
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See also: National Post (send letter)

Toronto Star: AP: "Kuwait to replace Syria as candidate for UN Human Rights Council" (11/5/2011)
"Kuwait is slated to replace Syria as a candidate for a seat on the U.N.’s top human rights body in what would be a victory for human rights groups and many governments opposed to the ongoing crackdown by President Bashar Assad’s security forces, Western diplomats said Tuesday."’
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