The Daily Brief – Wednesday January 12, 2011

January 12, 2011

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12, 2011
Toronto Sun: Robin Robinson: "Hiking fest in Israel" (11/11/2011)
"A unique hiking festival in Israel gives new meaning to the term "walk about." The Walk About Love festival, March 16 to June 23, opens more than 1,000 km of trails to hikers who will trek across the country’s diverse landscape — deserts, forests, rivers, lakes, beaches and mountains — for 100 days. Walkers, who will also meet locals and camp along the way, can do the entire route or sign on for 10-or 30-day segments."
Send a letter to editor Sean Large: "Haiti Now: Paramedic Sean Large shares his experiences" (12/1/2011)
"After placing feeding tubes into the infants’ stomachs, we transported them to the Israeli field hospital, which was much better equipped to care for these infants than the local hospital. In fact, if these infants had any chance, it was our only option."
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Sarnia Observer: Joanne White Brigden (letter to the editor) "Anti-Israel messages stand out" (12/1/2011)
"Sir: As we look back on 2010 there are certain incidents that stand out. This was the year of the delegitimization of Israel. Usually this message comes from Iran but in 2010 it came from many sources. Countries like Norway, Sweden and Belgium are sending out a message of anti-Israel. It is being packaged differently but is it still just another brand of anti- Semitism? Can we remain silent? Will our silence allow another Holocaust to happen?

Cornwall Seaway News: Bill Upper: "Israel + Hamas/Iran = Religious Hatred" (12/1/2011)
"In a round about way there is a ceasefire (if you want to call it that) between the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Israel.  Since 2007 Hamas is the de facto ruler in the Gaza. Hamas has fired over 8,000 missiles, rockets and mortars from behind civilian shields, always deliberately aiming to terrorize the citizens of Israel.  Even with a United Nations brokered truth, before this armed assault by Israel in Palestine, Hamas had launched 3,000 armed attacks in 2008 alone."
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Globe and Mail: AP: "’Hamas Calls on Other Gaza Militants to Stop Violent Attacks’" (11/12/2011)
"The militant Hamas rulers of Gaza appealed to other armed Palestinian groups in the territory Tuesday to halt a recent spike in violence, fearing an all-out Israeli invasion in response."
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Toronto Star: Martin Knelman: "Documentary hails Churchill as Zionists’ greatest ally" (12/1/2011)
"Millions of people credit Winston Churchill, Britain’s inspiring wartime prime minister during its darkest hours, with saving the world from Hitler.  But was Churchill also — as we’ve rarely heard — the greatest ally the Jewish people have ever had?"
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National Post: George Jonas: "The finer points of assassination" (12/1/2011)
"People for whom killing isn’t a complete taboo make decisions on a case-by-case basis. They may find the political assassination of Count Folke Bernadette by Zionist terrorists in 1948 criminal, as I do, and the targeted assassination of Ahmed Yassin by Israeli counter-terrorists in 2004 justified."
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Winnipeg Free Press: Editorial: "Blind in the sky" (12/11/2011)
"The Canadian air force leased several Israeli-made spy planes from a B.C. company in 2008 to boost the military’s surveillance capabilities in Kandahar."

Embassy Magazine: Scott Taylor: "If God is for us, who can be against us?" (12/11/2011)
"The French, or Frank, contingent dispatched to Palestine actually didn’t bother to discriminate between Muslims and the Christian pilgrims they were purporting to protect; they raped and killed them both."


Today’s News and Views About Israel & Mideast Robyn Urback: "Says she was attacked for being a “pro-Palestinian activist”" (11/1/2011)
"Jenny Peto has broken her silence on her controversial master’s thesis in which she attempts to prove that Holocaust education is used as a subversive method of indoctrination to justify Israeli apartheid."
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Embassy Magazine: Carl Meyer: "Key to Kent may be ability to make allies" (12/11/2011)
"Mr. Kent’s refusal to budge also revealed itself in dramatic fashion in January 2009, when Israel invaded Gaza under “Operation Cast Lead” that saw over 1,000 Palestinians killed versus 10 Israeli soldiers and three civilians. At one point, an Israeli air strike hit a United Nations school in Gaza, killing 42 Palestinians. That, and other instances in the war, prompted the UN high commissioner for human rights to call for an investigation into possible war crimes. But when the school was hit, Mr. Kent came out swinging for the Israelis, suggesting it was Hamas that was to blame for the killings because it was using civilians in the school as human shields."
Send a letter to editor "Hezbollah threatens to leave Lebanon coalition" (12/11/2011)
"Lebanon’s national unity government has collapsed after Hezbollah ministers and their allies resigned over a United Nations-backed tribunal investigating the assassination of former prime minister Rafik Hariri."
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Sudbury Star: Gwynne Dyer: "Israel’s dilemma" (12/1/2011)
"What does it mean when the United States, Britain, France and Spain upgrade the diplomatic status of the Palestinian delegations in their capitals, as they all did in the past year? When the number of countries recognizing Palestinian statehood now exceeds one hundred?"
Send a letter to editor AP: "Iran says 10 suspected killers linked to Mossad" (11/11/2011)
"Iran’s intelligence chief said Tuesday that more than 10 people arrested in connection with last year’s killing of a nuclear physicist were linked to the Mossad and he warned that Israel’s spy agency was out to roll back scientific progress in Muslim nations."

Global Calgary: Anchor: "Israel ‘pounds’ targets in Gaza" (12/11/2011)
"Israeli Air Force pounded a number of targets overnight in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian officials say the strikes caused minimal damage and no injuries were immediately reported. Yesterday a missile fired by an Israeli aircraft killed a Palestinian militant riding a motorcycle."
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CityTV Winnipeg: Anchor: "Mackay in West Bank" (12/11/2011)
"Canada’s Defence Minister Peter Mackay is meeting today with Palestinian leadership in the West Bank. It’s the third day of Mackay’s Middle East visit… The trip will wrap up tomorrow as Mackay travels to Jordan."
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Globe and Mail: Steven Chase: "From YouTube to Twitter, Ottawa heard it all during the G20" (12/11/2011)
"Bureaucrats even counted whether bloggers were anti-Israel or pro-Israel when they drew links between pre-summit announcements on nuclear non-proliferation talks, a visit to Canada by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Israel’s interception of ships trying to break the Gaza Strip blockade. “Blogs that touched on Middle Eastern issues picked up on all three events, intertwining them in either anti-Israeli or pro-Israeli editorials 11 times,” the summit Internet report said. It noted that of these posts, nine were “anti-Israel [and] two pro-Israel.”
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National Post: AFP: "Iranian lawyer’s jailing ‘unjustifiable’" (12/11/2011)
"Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon has condemned as "completely unacceptable and unjustifiable" a jail sentence handed to a prominent human rights lawyer in Iran"
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Daily Gleaner: Wire Services: "Israeli PM says only threats by U.S. will work on Iran" (12/11/2011)
"Only the convincing threat of military action headed by the United States will persuade Iran to drop plans to build an atomic bomb, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday."
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Sudbury Star (blog) – Steve May: "Sun Media’s Peter Worthington Takes a Cheap Shot at Canada’s Military with ****phobic Rant" (12/11/2011)
"No nation with gay service people is spared from Worthington’s ****phobic invective. In what must have been a very difficult moment to write, Worthington even goes on to slam Israel, albeit in a back-handed way. He indicates that while no one would ever dare question the resolve or competence of the Israeli armed forces (even though gays serve openly in those forces, which is a bit of a knock to his own argument, in my opinion), Worthington is able to justify having gays in the Israeli military only because Israel is surrounded by enemies which outnumber it. I guess, in this sort of do-or-die fortress situation, it’s ok to have gay soldiers at your back."
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Embassy Magazine: Carl Meye: "New questions surround Canada-India nuke deal" (12/11/2011)
"By approving this exception, Canada and the rest of the NSG were in effect promising to violate the Non-Proliferation Treaty, which bans the trading of nuclear technology and materials to states who are not signatories. India is one of only four nations—along with Israel, Pakistan and North Korea—outside of the treaty, and while it says it is considering NPT membership, it has yet to make any formal move."
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Toronto Star: Catherine Porter: "A dusty wind blows fiercely over Haiti’s dead" (12/1/2011)


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