The Daily Brief – Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010


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August 18, 2010
In Your Newsstand

Maclean’s: Mitchel Raphael: "Capital Diary: What got Ambrose upset" (23/08/2010)
Rona Ambrose in Israel
“Rona Ambrose, minister for status of women, was recently in Israel where she met with her counterpart Gila Gamliel. Ambrose also toured the Israeli-Lebanese border and met three brigades of female soldiers…. The minister also met the leader’s commander, 45-year-old Lt.-Col. Dov Hariri. The two talked about the hardware store Harari owned with his brother and then chatted about his family. When ambrose discovered the commander had relatives in Toronto, she asked whether he had ever come to visit, but Harari pointed to the border he ahd been working to protect so much of his life, and said, “I have this to take care of.” Last week, Ambrose’s staff broke the news to ther that Harari was killed in the recent skirmish on the Israel-Lebanese border. Ambrose, who had been very impressed with Hariri, was visibly upset by the news.”
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Maclean’s: Julia Belluz: "Germany: The new anti-Semitism" (23/08/2010)
“GONE WITH the Jews!” yelled a group of youths at Jewish dance performers on the fringes of Hanover, Germany. It was International Day, and celebrations were focused on social diversity and cohesion. These hate-filled sentiments, though, broke up the festivities when the young people began stoning the dancers. Unlike traditional sources of anti-Semitic hatred in Germany: young Muslims.”
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Maclean’s: Michael Petrou: "Iran: Living in exile" (23/08/2010)
“An Iranian man, at risk of being killed in his homeland for being gay, is trying to seek refuge in Canada.”
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Maclean’s: Michael Petrou: "Espionage: Why we’re a ‘favourite’ target of Iran" (23/08/2010)
“A former member of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards who secretly spied for the CIA during the 1980s and ‘90s says that Canada is a major target of Iranian espionage.”
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News Beyond the Conflict

Toronto Star: Amy Pataki: "Falafelism: This movie will make you ravenous" (18/08/2010)
“Director Ari A. Cohen’s goal in making Falafelism, a light yet opinionated film about the unifying power of falafel, wasn’t to make viewers hungry. But it happens. The Montrealer wanted to show how a common Mideast dish connects Jews and Arabs. Falafelism airs in English on OMNI Television Aug. 20, and in Hebrew Aug. 29.”

National Post: Terrine Friday: "He was a pillar of city’s Jewish community" (18/08/2010)
“Friends and family of Toronto community leader Wilfred Posluns described him as incredibly passionate, a great mentor and a giant with an even grander heart.”

Vancouver Sun: Daily Telegraph: "U.S. journalist saved 4,000 Jews" (18/08/2010)
"An American journalist saved up to 4,000 Jews from the Nazis and helped some of the brightest artistic minds to escape to New York, newly released passenger figures show."
Body: "Fry, who died in 1967, a month before his 60th birthday, was posthumously named "righteous among nations" in 1995 by Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial."

Embassy Magazine: Anca Gurzu: "Canada-Europe free trade talks prompt Turkey to jump on board" (18/08/2010) Page 1/10
"Turkey already has a record of following the EU’s path on free trade deals. Some of countries with which both the EU and Turkey have signed free trade agreements with are: Israel, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Tunisia, Moroco, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt and Albania."

Vancouver Sun: Vito Pilieci: "World is losing grip on privacy: watchdog" (18/08/2010)
"The provincial privacy advocate heads to Israel later this year to further press her plan at an international conference of privacy commissioners."


Actualités et opinions sur Israël

Radio-Canada : On aura tout lu : Marie-Louise Arsenault : « Livres : Les dictionnaires amoureux de la Palestine et de Jérusalem » (15/08/2010)
« Jérusalem et la Palestine, ces territoires déchirés, ont des histoires qui s’inscrivent l’une dans l’autre. Nous avons donc demandé au politicologue Sami Aoun de parcourir en parallèle le Dictionnaire amoureux de la Palestine, d’Elias Sanbar, et celui portant sur la ville de Jérusalem, de Jean-Yves Leloup. »
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Cyberpresse : « Les photos humiliantes de prisonniers sont-elles courantes? » (18/08/2010)
« Une association israélienne vient de diffuser sur Facebook une série de photos de soldats israéliens humiliant des prisonniers palestiniens, quelques jours à peine après le choc créé par la publication de clichés du même genre par une ex-soldate israélienne. »
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Canoë : AFP : « Israël: Une soldate qui torture des Palestiniens se sent incomprise » (18/08/2010)« Des photos d’une soldate israélienne posant souriante au côté de prisonniers palestiniens aux yeux bandés et aux mains liées provoquaient mardi l’embarras de l’armée israélienne et l’indignation des Palestiniens, une émotion jugée incompréhensible par l’intéressée. »
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La Presse: Lysianne Gagnon: « Eaux troubles à New York » (17/08/2010)
« Son promoteur, l’imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, passe pour un modéré. L’administration américaine lui a même confié des missions destinées à améliorer les rapports avec le monde arabe. C’est pourtant le même homme qui a déjà déclaré que la politique américaine a été «complice» du 9-11, que Ben Laden était «une création américaine», et qui refuse d’admettre que le Hamas est une organisation terroriste. »
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Le Journal de Québec : Reuters : « Un homme blessé par balles » (18/08/2010)
« Un Palestinien connu des services de police israéliens a pénétré hier dans l’ambassade de Turquie à Tel-Aviv, où il a été blessé par balles par des gardes de sécurité turcs et pris des personnes en otage. »
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