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The Daily Brief – Tuesday September 28, 2010

by Mike Fegelman

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September 28, 2010
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Vancouver Courier: Mark Hasiuk: "Israel apologists cry wolf with claims of ‘antisemitism’" (27/9/2010)
"Back in March 2009, two federal heavyweights—Irwin Cotler, former Liberal justice minister, and Jason Kenney, current Conservative minister of citizenship—founded the Canadian Parliamentary Coalition to Combat Antisemitism. The name speaks for itself. A report featuring statistics and policy recommendations should be released sometime this fall."
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Winnipeg Free Press: Samuel Segev: "Peace process survives for now" (28/9/2010)
"While world public attention is focused on Israel’s refusal to extend the 10-month-old moratorium on settlement building in the West Bank, a no less dramatic development is taking place away from public eyes."

National Post: Kathryn Blaze Carlson: "Infidelity and the question of consent" (25/9/2010)
“And then, over the summer, the notion of consent was catapulted into international headlines: An Israeli court convicted a Palestinian man of “rape by deception” after he pretended to be Jewish and had sex with a Jewish woman… In the instance of the Palestinian man in Israel, the judge ruled that the misrepresentation was indeed material to the woman’s consent and said she “would not have co-operated” had she known the truth.”

Edmonton Journal: Uri Rosenzweig: "Mideast spoilers a threat to peace despite productive talks" (25/9/2010)
“Whatever their ethnic background and nationality, all people of good will surely support the start of negotiations to once and for all bring peace to that troubled land with the goal of establishing a Palestinian state living side by side in peace and security with Israel.”

Toronto Sun: Salim Mansur: "Iran prez’s UN stunt smacks of Chavez" (24/9/2010)
“Every now and then some demagogue or tyrant with hands bloodier than Macbeth’s takes the podium at the UN General Assembly and sanctimoniously, if not gleefully, announces the imminent death of capitalism, as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s president, did this week in New York City.”

Toronto Sun: Sue Anne Levy: "A Candidate’s Hidden Ties" (24/9/2010)
“According to information obtained by the Toronto Sun, Wong-Tam, a self-professed community advocate, is not just affiliated with the controversial fringe group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA). ”

Straight.com: Shadi Elien: "Gideon Levy, author of The Punishment of Gaza, foresees bleak future for Palestine" (24/9/2010)
“It can’t be easy being one of the most hated men in Israel. But so long as people are angry—rather than apathetic—Gideon Levy will accept the title.”

Straight.com: Gwynne Dyer: "Benjamin Netanyahu pulls plug on latest round of Middle East …" (28/9/2010)
"The headlines in the western media all said more or less the same thing when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pulled the plug on the latest round of the “Middle East peace process” on Sunday."

Toronto Star: Haroon Siddiqui: "Critique of Israel comes from within the country" (23/9/2010)
"Israeli columnist Gideon Levy infuriates many Israelis for chronicling Palestinian suffering and Israeli brutality. But his editors at the liberal Haaretz have refused to buckle under pressure."
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Waterloo Record: James Travers: "Harper’s chief of staff faces tough problems" (28/9/2010)
"There was the prime minister’s dogged refusal to recognize the dangers facing civilians during Israeli-Hezbollah fighting, an error that eventually forced the damage-control rescue of Canadians living in Lebanon."  See also: Toronto Star

National Post: Jonathan Kay: "B’nai Brith’s latest attempt to conjure anti-Semitism out of thin air" (22/9/2010)
"B’nai Brith, the organization whose leadership believes that excluding female ski jumpers from the Winter Olympics can be spoken of in the same breath as the policies of Nazi Germany. This week, the organization targeted a Quebec editorial cartoonist whose depiction of the Peace Tower clock in Ottawa allegedly was festooned with a Star of David."

Globe and Mail: Shirin Ebadi and Payam Akhavan: "Leave every stone unturned" (28/9/2010)
"The court has jurisdiction to render opinions on such legal questions at the request of UN organs and agencies. It has done so on issues ranging from the legality of nuclear weapons to the construction of Israel’s security wall in the Palestinian territories."

National Post: John Ivison: "The Prime Minister will take your softball questions now" (28/9/2010)
"This is the guy who said he was “not losing any sleep” over civilian deaths after Israel bombed a Lebanese village."

National Post: John Ivison: "No upside, and plenty of risk, for Harper at the UN" (23/9/2010)“…The Human Rights Council mission said Israel’s military response was “disproportionate and brutal” and violated international law.”

Winnipeg Free Press: Tom Oleson: "I have seen the future and it is hopeless gridlock" (25/9/2010)
"LED by Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon, Canadian delegates to the United Nations this week flipped a kind of diplomatic bird at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad by boycotting his speech to the General Assembly."

Globe and Mail: Larry Shapiro (letter to the editor) "What it takes to negotiate" (27/9/2010)
"Your editorial (Settle By Not Settling – Sept. 24) fairly sums up Israel’s responsibilities for creating a positive climate for successful peace talks with the Palestinians. But the Palestinians have some responsibilities too. …"

Toronto Star: Steve Samuel (letter to the editor) "Characteristic of democracy" (24/9/2010)
"Haroon Siddiqui uses this characteristic of any vibrant democracy as a criticism of Israel. He should search for the same in any Arab country, including the Palestinian Authority and Hamas-ruled Gaza."

National Post: Daniel Bloch (letter to the editor) "Israel lives by the sword, but not out of choice”  (27/9/2010)
"There are many problems throughout the Middle East and the majority of these Arab nations want nothing to do with the Palestinian people…"

National Post: Anthony Rusonik (letter to the editor) "Israel lives by the sword, but not out of choice" (27/9/2010)
"I could not agree more with Josef Joffe who, with excellent historical insight, proves that irredentist Arab and radical Islamic contempt for the West and aspirations for regional hegemony exist quite apart from the Palestinian issue…."

National Post: Mark Korman (letter to the editor) "Israel lives by the sword, but not out of choice" (27/9/2010)
"The notion that the battle with radical Islam can only be won and rogue regimes brought on side following a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian issue gets it utterly backward. Can one seriously believe that Israel’s impasse with the Palestinians represents the underlying grievance of world Islamicism?…"

National Post: Alfonso Marin-Aponte (letter to the editor) "Trio of young readers: Israel’s flag is just fine" (28/9/2010)
"The Star of David is not only the symbol of Judaism but also of the Jewish identity, which can be cultural in nature. Therefore, the question is not whether it is fair to the 24.4% that their country is being represented by a cultural symbol that they do not associate to, but whether the 75.5% that constitute the state of Israel have the right to put this symbol on their flag, a Jewish symbol dating back to post-Renaissance…."

National Post: Sophie Mandel (letter to the editor) "Trio of young readers: Israel’s flag is just fine" (28/9/2010)
"Well, I might just be a girl in Grade 5, but, I believe your letter writer is incorrect to state that Israel needs a flag without a Star of David. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that allows not only religious freedom but also every type of personal freedom.

Globe and Mail: Joel Winter (letter to the editor) "What it takes to negotiate" (27/9/2010)
"Though I agree with your main point that Israel needs to stop the settlements, I disagree with the way you refer to the “Palestinian cult of victimization..”

Toronto Star Bert Ferris: (letter to the editor) "More thoughts on ‘Fox North’" (23/9/2010)
“As it happened, not a single Canadian cable or satellite provider agreed to pick up Al-Jazeera Arabic, which was launched in 1996 and is now available in more than 100 countries, including Israel”

National Post: Orest Slepokura (letter to the editor) "To release a spy" (23/9/2010)
"In 1996, Joseph diGenoa, former U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia and the lead prosecutor in the Jonathan Pollard case, gave many compelling reasons why the convicted spy should not receive the special constitutional favour of clemency…"

National Post: Moshe Sheskin (letter to the editor) "To release a spy" (23/9/2010)
"If Israel didn’t ask the United States for Jonathan Pollard’s release, I’d be very disappointed in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. This is probably one of the few opportunities to secure his release, and undo an act of outright anti-Semitism and injustice…"

Edmonton Sun: Orsest Sleopokura: "Letters, Sept .25” (25/9/2010)
“Empty chairs stood where the Israeli delegation should have been during President Obama’s address to the 65th UN General Assembly. Its absence, which coincided with the second day of the Jewish holiday, Sukkot, was understandable if unfortunate…”

Actualités et opinions sur Israël

RDI : RDI en direct/Matin : Danièle Kriegel : « Reprise de la colonisation » (27/09/2010)
« C’était la fête chez les colons avant même la fin officielle du moratoire, explique Danielle Kriegel.»
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RDI : Téléjournal : Murielle Béasse : « Pourparlers compromis? » (27/09/2010)



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