The Daily Brief – Tuesday September 21, 2010

September 21, 2010

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September 21, 2010
Today’s Print News and Views About Israel/Mideast

Winnipeg Free Press: Samuel Segev: "Syria’s wait-and-see diplomacy a thing of beauty" (21/9/2010)
“In 67 years of independence, Syria has never been courted by regional and international actors as it is now. The U.S., the European Union, Russia, Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia are seeking President Bashar Assad’s ear to win his support for their conflicting interests in this turbulent region. Syria, however, appears to be in no hurray to respond.”
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Edmonton Journal: Harry Sterling: "Referendum result raises doubts about Turkey’s secular future" (21/9/2010)
“On several occasions he has raised eyebrows in western states over his broadening of relations with countries like Iran, Syria and Sudan. His government’s increased contacts with both Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza has also not gone unnoticed.  That Erdogan has been extremely vocal in denouncing Israeli policies in the occupied Palestinian territories is also seen as something which raises serious questions regarding his future intentions.”
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Montreal Gazette: AFP: "Peace talks over if freeze ends, Abbas warns" (21/9/2010)
“Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas said yesterday he will not take part in U.S.-backed peace talks "for a single day" if Israel does not extend a freeze on settlement building at the month’s end.”
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National Post: AFP: "Peace talks will not continue ‘for a single day’ without settlment freeze: Abbas" (21/9/2010)
"Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President, said yesterday he will not take part in U.S.-backed peace talks “for a single day” if Israel does not extend a freeze on settlement building at the month’s end. “The negotiations will continue as long as the settlement [construction] remains frozen, but I am not prepared to negotiate an agreement for a single day more,” he said. Mr. Abbas is to give a speech at the UN General Assembly in New York this week about “efforts to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land since 1967 to create an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital,” his spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina said."
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Globe and Mail: AP: "Smoke signals" (21/9/2010)
"A Palestinian worker collects charcoal in the northern West Bank village of Yabed, Monday. More than a thousand Palestinian families in the village depend on charcoal production as their main source of income."

24 Hours: Reuters: "Attack on Iran not ideal, says Obama" (21/9/2010)
"U.S . President Barack Obama said Monday that Iran having a nuclear weapon would be a “real problem” but he did not think military action by Israel or the United States was the “ideal way” to solve the crisis."

Actualités et opinions sur Israël

Cyberpresse : AFP : « Ahmadinejad évoque la menace d’une guerre avec les États-Unis » (20/09/2010)
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 « Le président iranien Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a évoqué mardi le spectre d’une guerre «sans limite» avec les États-Unis, en marge d’un sommet des Nations unies à New York pour combattre la pauvreté dans le monde. »
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Cyberpresse : AFP : « La colonisation israélienne en Cisjordanie en un clic sur iPhone et iPad » (20/09/2010)
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 « Une association pacifiste américaine a lancé lundi une application permettant de suivre l’avancée de la colonisation israélienne en Cisjordanie sur les téléphones multimédia iPhone et les tablettes numériques iPad»
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Le Devoir : AFP : « Des voitures à Gaza ! » (21/09/2010)
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 « Vingt voitures ont été acheminées hier dans la bande de Gaza via Israël, la première livraison de ce type autorisée par l’État hébreu depuis plus de trois ans.»
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                Today’s Internet News About Israel "Quebec cartoon draws ire of Jewish group" (21/9/2010)
“B’nai Brith Canada is asking a Quebec newspaper to pull from its website a political cartoon that appears to depict the Star of David on the Parliament Buildings. The Jewish community organization called the cartoon, which ran in the print edition of Le Droit in Gatineau and online at, anti-Semitic propaganda. The group is also demanding an apology from the newspaper.”
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Winnipeg Free Lee-Anne Goodman/Mike Blanchfield: "Canada boycotts United Nations speech by Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad" (21/9/2010)
“Canadian diplomats at the United Nations, including Foreign Minister Lawrence Cannon, boycotted a speech Tuesday by the president of Iran.” Richard Handler: "Squirming our way through the Age of Rethink" (21/9/2010)
"Just before Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic wrangled the confession out of Castro that Cuban socialism did not work anymore, he wrote an article on Israel that suggested the Jewish state may attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.  Goldberg doesn’t agree with this action, and even outright hawks are squirming about lesser evils. Let Iran go nuclear? Live with it, contain it? All choices seem to be dangerous and potential actions full of unintended consequences."
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Globe and "Israel warns IAEA it will not accept Arab-led nuclear arms proposal" (21/9/2010)
“Israel said on Tuesday an Arab-led campaign to single it out at the UN atomic watchdog could undermine any arms control measures in the Middle East.”
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Press Release: "CJFE and PEN Canada Deeply Concerned about Death Sentence for Canadian in Iran" (21/9/2010)
"Two leading Canadian free expression organizations have confirmed reports that Canadian Iranian blogger Hossein Derakhshan may face the death sentence."

   Today’s Radio & Television News About Israel

CBC World at Six/National: Peter Mansbridge/Alison Smith with David Common: "Canada might lose seat on UN Security Council" (20/9/2010)
"The Harper government’s stronger support for Israel is concerning to Arab states which often vote as a block."
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Vancouver Sun: Video: "The Israel-Palestine conflict: the prospects for peace" (21/9/2010)
"A conversation between Prof. Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School and Vancouver Sun editorial page editor Fazil Mihlar."
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          Today’s Print News and Views About 
                          Israel and Mideast

McGill Tribune: Vicky Tobianah: "The Extremism Cycle" (21/9/2010)
“On his blog for the New Republic, the neo-liberal magazine he owns and edits, Marty Peretz recently wrote of American Muslims: "I wonder whether I need honour these people and pretend that they are worthy of the privileges of the First Amendment which I have in my gut the sense that they will abuse." This shocking and seemingly racist line, which he later apologized for, is an example of how the always-difficult debate on the role of Islam in American culture has recently become even more difficult, and more uncomfortable.”

The Concordian: Editorial: "Should we just get rid of the Internet?" (21/9/2010)
“Another Facebook story includes an Israeli soldier posting photos of her posting with bound and blindfolded Palestinian prisoners. Inappropriate? Disrespectful? Reminiscent of Abu Ghraib? Some sure thought so, because the incident drew criticism and likely worsened tensions in an already tense situation.”

Hamilton Spectator: Steve Arnold: "Fearless labour advocate Peter Leibovitch dies" (21/9/2010)
"That willingness didn’t falter even if the cause was unpopular with the majority of his own community – as shown by his support for the pro-Palestinian group Independent Jewish Voices (IJV)… “Peter had a Jewish religious upbringing in Montreal that was heavily concerned with social justice and he wanted to put those ideals to the test,” Stone said. “I think he saw that for the Palestinians those ideals weren’t being met."


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