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The Daily Brief – Tuesday, August 31, 2010

by Mike Fegelman

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August 31, 2010
Today’s News and Views About Israel

CBC.ca: AP/CP: "Palestinian leader wants U.S. help in peace talks" (31/08/2010)
"Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he will seek active U.S. mediation in negotiations with Israel resuming this week in Washington. U.S. President Barack Obama is hosting Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the first direct talks in nearly two years."
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Foreign Affairs News Release:
"Minister of State Kent to Engage Israel on Americas Strategy"
“The Honourable Peter Kent, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas), today announced that he will visit Israel from August 31 to September 8, 2010, to launch Canada-Israel discussions on the Americas.”

Saskatoon Star Phoenix: Reuters: "Egypt seizes arms, explosives" (31/08/2010)
"Egyptian security forces in Sinai seized 100 kilograms of high explosives smugglers were preparing to take into Gaza, a security source said on Monday.  The smugglers have been ferrying growing quantities of explosive materials into Gaza, defying a three-year blockade imposed by Israel after Hamas took control of the territory."

National Post: Anne Applebaum (via Slate.com) "The real cost of the war in Iraq" (31/08/2010)
"Another victim of the conflict was America’s ability to influence the Middle East. Admittedly, we were never as good at this as we would like to be, but the chaos in Iraq has clearly strengthened Iran. It has had no positive impact on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

24 Hours Calgary: Wire Services: "Envoy urges settlement" (31/08/2010)
“Lebanon and Israel need to make progress demarcating their border to avoid a repeat of a cross border clash in which four people were killed this month, the UN special co-ordinator for Lebanon said on Monday. Michael Williams, speaking before the Security Council was expected to approve extending the mandate for UN peacekeepers in south Lebanon, said an Israeli withdrawal from the border village of Ghajar would also help reduce tension.”

National Post: AFP: "Iranian media dub Bruni a ‘prostitute’" (31/08/2010)
"Iranian news outlets have branded Carla Bruni, France’s first lady, a "prostitute" and "immoral" after she expressed support for an Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning.  A report on a governmentrun website called Ms. Bruni "immoral" after a blistering attack on the wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy by the hardline Kayhan newspaper on Saturday called her a "prostitute."

National Post: Wire Services: "Jewish refugee monument set for Pier 21" (31/08/2010)
"Daniel Libeskind has been chosen to design a monument memorializing Canada’s 1939 refusal of entry to more than 900 Jewish refugees onboard the M.S. St. Louis, the Canadian Jewish Congress said yesterday. The monument is part of a CJC education project at Pier 21 in Halifax. Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s community historical recognition program provided funding, the CJC said…"
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CBC.ca: Jessica Wong: "The buzz films at this year’s TIFF" (31/08/2010)
“Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida Pinto is already garnering award-season hype for Julian Schnabel’s Miral, about the forming of the Dar Al-Tifel Institute orphanage for Palestinian refugees and the coming of age of one of its charges, a young woman who struggles between peaceful and violent means of resistance. The powerful story, based on the novel by Rula Jebreal, has attracted the interest of movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, who will distribute the film in the U.S. “As a staunch supporter of Israel, I thought this would be a movie I would have a hard time wrapping my head around,” Weinstein has said. “However, meeting Rula moved me to open my heart and mind, and I hope we can do the same with audiences worldwide.”

Actualités et opinions sur Israël

Canoe: Reuters: « Selon Israël : L’ONU accuse le Liban d’avoir attaqué l’État juif » (30/08/2010)
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 « Une enquête menée par l’Onu sur l’escarmouche du 3 août entre les forces libanaises et israéliennes a conclu que le Liban en était responsable, a rapporté lundi un diplomate israélien.»
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Le Droit : AP : « Semaine cruciale pour Obama en politique internationale » (31/08/2010)
« Le président des États-Unis mettra officiellement fin aujourd’hui à la mission de combat de l’armée américaine en Irak, avant de relancer les pourparlers de paix directs entre Israéliens et Palestiniens. »
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         Today’s News and Views About Israel

CBC.ca/AP/CP: "Hamas says it killed 4 Israelis" (31/08/2010)
“The Islamic militant group Hamas is claiming responsibility for a shooting attack Tuesday night that killed four Israelis in the West Bank. Hamas military wing spokesman Abu Obeida told The Associated Press late Tuesday that Hamas carried out the attack, near the West Bank city of Hebron.”
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Winnipeg Free Press: Samuel Segev: "Another quest for peace" (31/08/2010)
"The launch in Washington on Wednesday of direct Israeli-Palestinian negotiations is only a part of U.S. President Barack Obama’s Phase 2 Middle Eastern policy. Other parts of what can be called the Obama Doctrine include the containment of Iran, creating a framework for regional co-operation that would lead to a total solution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, including peace with Syria and Lebanon. Obama hopes to involve Syria in the stabilization of Iraq and asserting western primacy in the entire Persian Gulf area. The broad lines of this doctrine are not yet formally formulated. They emerged, however, in a series of informal discussions held in the last few weeks with Israel and moderate Arab countries."
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National Post: Martyn Indyk (via New York Times) "For once, hope for peace" (31/08/2010)
"NOW that President Obama has finally succeeded in bringing the Israelis and the Palestinians back to the negotiating table, the commentariat is already dismissing his chances of reaching a peace agreement. But there are four factors that distinguish the direct talks that will get under way on Sept. 2 in Washington from previous attempts — factors that offer some reason for optimism."
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National Post: Editorial: "The right message" (31/08/2010)
"Following the arrests last week of terror suspects in Ottawa and London, Ont., the Canadian Islamic Congress (CIC) issued a full-throated denunciation of terrorism as a means to an end. The organization reiterated its “condemnation of all acts of violence, terrorism and extremism, here and abroad.” The CIC also praised the “fast action” of our “security forces in safeguarding our country and its citizens.” And CIC chair and president Wahida Valiante added: “Canadian Muslims are loyal citizens of Canada; they are law-abiding citizens … well aware of their responsibility to uphold the laws of Canada and to act in ways that safeguard the security and well-being of all.” They “would never think of … plotting to harm their homeland and their fellow citizens." This is especially notable given that the CIC once was led by Mohamed Elmasry, a man who (briefly) defended the right of Palestinian terrorists to attack any Israeli adult — and who declared that “Right-wing Canadian politicians and their parties consider the ‘ war against terror’ to mean the same as ‘ war against Muslims.’ ” In recent years, the CIC had changed its tone, sensibly recognizing that operating as a counter-counter-terrorism lobby isn’t going to win Canadian Muslims many friends."
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Globe and Mail: Margaret Wente: "A hate-filled product of poverty or a ball-hockey-playing doctor?" (31/08/2010)
"The most disturbing fact about the terrorism charge laid against Khurram Sher is not that he’s so different from the rest of us but that he’s so much like us. The guy could be your favourite son-in-law or your nicest neighbour – a smart, successful, considerate young doctor with three kids and a heart of gold. “Khurram wouldn’t hurt a fly,” insisted one long-time colleague… Some people have the answer. It’s our foreign policy, stupid! If only we stopped waging war in Afghanistan, kowtowing to the imperialist Americans and sucking up to Israel, then people wouldn’t get so riled up they’d want to blow up Parliament."

National Post: Mark Naser (letter to the editor) "Islamophobia & Judeo fatigued" (31/08/2010)
“In commenting on Islamophobia, your letter writer exercises faulty logic when he draws a link between the Saudi homeowners who tortured their maid, and Islam. By the same token, then, was Elias Abuelazam, the Israeli serial killer who targeted black people in the U.S., acting out of a sense of duty to his Christian faith? And was the Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, acting on behalf of Judaism? In that case, I guess I’m getting pretty Judeofatigued.”

National Post: Heinz Klatt, professor emeritus of psychology, (letter to the editor) "Islamophobia & Judeo fatigued" (31/08/2010)
“The term "Islamophobia" is not as foolish and nonsensical a notion as the term "homophobia," the model concept. Whereas the first does refer to fear, excessive or normal, the latter is a propagandistic term created to conceal that the issue is disapproval and has nothing to do with fear.  What fear is pathological unless it is groundless or disproportionate?  In view of the fact that 16,000 terrorist attacks have been carried out "in the name of Islam since 9/11," it is difficult to overreact towards the threat of Islam. In fact, almost any manifestation of fear appears "rational" and appropriate.  I used to clarify the notion of "psychosis" to my students in psychopathology by saying that in a burning mental asylum only the psychotics would not escape because they have lost touch with reality. In the same sense, everyone who does not become "Islamophobic" after thousands of terrorist attacks, murders and other crimes in the name of Islam appears to be somewhat psychotic, i.e., out of touch with reality.  "Islamophobes" have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to change."

Ottawa Citizen: Dave Toms (letter to the editor) "Policy change must not be just on Whitton case" (31/08/2010)
"I think the recent exchanges around the proposal to honour Charlotte Whitton have missed a key point. As some in the various articles and letters have said or implied, few if any of the people who get honoured for their major contributions to the public good have what today would pass for squeaky clean and politically correct records. Anti-Semitism, as in the Whitton case, is a terrible thing, but still only one particular form of the racism that characterized so many of our heroes and important public figures of earlier times (and some of present times too, sad to say…"

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