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The Daily Brief – Tuesday, August 24, 2010

by Mike Fegelman


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August 24, 2010
Today’s News and Views About Israel

Waterloo Record: Editorial: "Glimmer of hope in the Mideast" (24/08/2010)
“There is probably no more complicated diplomatic challenge in the world today than to bring lasting peace to the Mideast. The best efforts in the past of Israeli and Palestinian negotiators have failed to produce peace terms that both sides could accept. Up to this point, neither side has been willing to make the concessions that would truly satisfy the other.”
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Edmonton Journal: Wire Services: "Norway shuns 2 Israeli firms" (24/08/2010)
"Norway excluded two Israeli firms from its $450-billion US sovereign wealth fund Monday, saying it would be unethical to invest in the companies because they have helped build Israeli settlements on occupied Palestinian land. The holding company, Africa Israel Investments, and its construction subsidiary, Danya Cebus, were blacklisted from the fund. Norway’s Ministry of Finance also said it would no longer invest in Malaysian forestry company Samling Global Ltd because of some of its logging activities. The ministry said the construction of Israeli settlements in occupied areas “is a violation of the Geneva Convention relative to the protection of civilian persons in time of war.”
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Edmonton Journal: AFP: "Israel given choice: peace or settlements" (24/08/2010)
“Israel must chose between “settlements or peace,” Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said on Monday ahead of the Sept. 2 restart of negotiations in Washington. He said he believes an agreement can be reached within a year."
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Saskatoon Star Phoenix: Reuters: “UN team probes Gaza flotilla incident” (24/08/2010)
"Investigators from the United Nations Human Rights Council have begun questioning witnesses of Israel’s May 31 capture of a Gaza-bound boat in which nine people died, the UN said on Monday.”
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National Post: Christopher Hitchins (Slate.com) "Much ado about ‘tolerance’" (24/08/2010)
“From the beginning, though, I pointed out that Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf was no great bargain and that his Cordoba Initiative was full of euphemisms about Islamic jihad and Islamic theocracy. I mentioned his sinister belief that the United States was partially responsible for the assault on the World Trade Center and his refusal to take a position on the racist Hamas dictatorship in Gaza.

Calgary Herald: Scott Armitage (letter to the editor) "True believer" (24/08/2010)
"Josef Rosenberg displays a shocking lack of tolerance for a person who espouses tolerance. I’m accused of a stilted agenda; so let me make my agenda clear. I will not tolerate or accept sharia law, fatwas against novelists, cartoonists, movie producers etc., stoning of consenting adults, clitoral circumcision, honour killings, burkas, the general treatment of women as second-class citizens, the killing of proselytizers, the extermination of the state of Israel or any of the other apparent tenets of the Islamic religion. What I find so interesting is the deafening silence of the Islamic religious leaders on any of these subjects, except diatribes against Israel. So if by dichotomy you mean the division of classes, I’m proud of my beliefs. Can you say the same?"

Metro News: AP: "Israel torn on settlement freeze" (24/08/2010)
"Even before peace talks with the Palestinians begin, Israel’s government is fiercely debating a key concession: Whether to extend a slowdown of West Bank settlement construction."
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Actualités et opinions sur Israël

Cyberpresse : AFP : « Colonisation: les É.-U. «ont à l’esprit» les demandes palestiniennes » (23/08/2010)
« Les États-Unis «ont à l’esprit» l’appel des Palestiniens à l’arrêt de la colonisation israélienne, a déclaré lundi un responsable du département d’État, tout en se gardant de dire si Washington soutiendrait cette demande lors des pourparlers prévus le mois prochain. »
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Radio-Canada : d’Isabelle Richer : « Cisjordanie : Des Palestiniens déboutés au Québec » (24/08/2010)
« Les résidents du village palestinien de Bil’in, en Cisjordanie, qui veulent poursuivre deux entreprises montréalaises, ont subi un deuxième revers en cour, un peu plus tôt ce mois-ci. »
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La Presse : Mathieu Perreault : « ISRAËL ATTAQUERA-T-IL? » (24/08/2010)
« Israël soupèse les risques et les bénéfices d’une frappe préventive contre les installations nucléaires iraniennes. Dans le dernier numéro de la revue Atlantic Monthly, une série d’entrevues avec les hautes sphères de l’État juif montre que la question n’est pas de savoir si Israël va frapper, mais quand. »
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          Today’s News and Views About Israel

CBC.ca: "CSIS quizzes man on Gaza aid mission" (24/08/2010)
“A Montreal man involved in organizing a humanitarian aid boat to Gaza says he has received unwelcome attention from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Ehab Lotayef, an information-technology engineer at McGill University, is a member of Canadian Boat to Gaza, a non-profit group challenging Israel’s naval blockade of the Palestinian territory by organizing the delivery of supplies and other aid this fall.”
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Toronto Sun: Mindelle Jacobs: "Loony Left’s flotilla way off course" (24/08/2010)
"Once again, the loony Left is jumping at the chance to demonize Israel, this time with a ridiculous plan to organize a Canadian flotilla to try to break Israel’s blockade of terrorist-run Gaza.
Where were these assorted peaceniks and naive social activists over the years as thousands of rockets were fired into Israel by Hamas and Hezbollah thugs? Where was the comfort for the families of all the Israelis killed, injured or maimed for life by neighbouring genocidal cheerleaders? How many peaceniks made common cause with the truly vulnerable by hunkering down with Israelis in bomb shelters to experience what it’s like to be under constant attack?”
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