The Daily Brief – Today’s News And Views About Israel & The Mideast – March 9

March 9, 2017
    • “In the past, people with these opinions were discouraged from openly exhibiting such hatred. Now that they’ve been encouraged by like-minded leaders, they revel in it at rallies, in comment sections and on social media, eager to show off how not “politically correct” they are by denouncing marginalized minorities.And as we are increasingly seeing, some are taking this white nationalist fervour further than words. People are getting hurt. People are being killed.We know this is how it starts. We know our history. There’s no more looking the other way.But here’s the thing to remember — people who hate minorities are themselves a minority. We have the numbers and we need to come together to extinguish this hate before it consumes us all.”
    • The CBC’s reports points out the immense challenge Israel faces to prevent these attacks, many of whom have been incited over social media platforms. Stoffel also acknowledges that Israel is a world leader when it comes to cyber security. Stoffel writes: “Israel has become a world leader in monitoring social media to try to predict and prevent attacks. Experts say other nations, particularly those in Europe, would benefit by emulating Israel in this respect as the threat from so-called “lone wolf” attackers continues.”

  • CBC Montreal reports that “Canadian organizers of an international celebration of women in aviation are standing by their decision to honour the late Hanna Reitsch, who was the first woman to fly a helicopter — and, some historians say, an unrepentant Nazi.”

  • The Globe and Mail carried a report by Bob Fife claiming that: “Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland knew for more than two decades that her maternal Ukrainian grandfather was the chief editor of a Nazi newspaper in occupied Poland that vilified Jews during the Second World War.”
    • CIJA CEO Shimon Fogel says that Freeland is a close friend of the Jewish community and efforts by Russian elements to imply otherwise or to discredit here are disingenuous. (see here and here)


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