The Daily Brief – Today’s News And Views About Israel & The Mideast – March 20

March 20, 2017

“It happened again in 2016, repeating a trend that has been ongoing for at least 10 years. According to the latest Toronto Police Service (TPS) hate crime report — on the agenda of this week’s police services board meeting — #Jews were the most targeted group in Toronto when it came to acts of hate crime last year.”

  • The head of the United Nation’s West Asia commission resigned on Friday, after what she described as pressure from the secretary general to withdraw a report accusing Israel of imposing an “apartheid regime” on Palestinians. See Reuters coverage at the Globe and Mail.
  • Metro News reports that a Hamas military court has sentenced two Palestinians to death for drug dealing, in the first-such case since the militant group seized the Gaza Strip a decade ago.”
  • AP via CTV News reports that Israel’s prime minister backed out of an agreement to establish a new broadcasting authority Sunday, creating a coalition crisis with one of his key partners that could potentially lead to early elections.
  • The Canadian Press via Nanaimo News Now says that the Palestinian president has awarded his people’s highest honour to a former U.N. official who was forced to resign last week after authoring a report that accused Israel of establishing an “apartheid regime.”
  • On a wind-swept hilltop in this Bedouin village, a cracked solar panel lying atop a mattress and slabs of broken concrete provide an eerie reminder of a clash that has come to symbolize the strained relations between Israel’s government and its Arab minority. See more at the Times Colonist.


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