The Daily Brief – Today’s News And Views About Israel & The Mideast – March 15

March 15, 2017
  • A Palestinian student group in Oshawa has been accused of covering up an Israeli flag during a university’s diversity festival, triggering an online spat in which Jews are seemingly referred to as rodents. News thanks to the Toronto Sun.

  • Metro News and the Hamilton Spectator picked up on an AP report headlined: “Gaza father seeks Israeli apology for killing of 3 daughters” which stated the following: “A Palestinian doctor pleaded with Israel on Tuesday to apologize for a 2009 tank shell strike on his Gaza home that killed three of his daughters and a niece in the final days of the first Israel-Hamas war.”
    • The article reports that (emphasis added): “Israel’s Justice Ministry said Tuesday that the state does not dispute shells were fired at the building — a five-story home where Abuelaish and his brothers lived with their families. The ministry said Israeli forces spotted people in the building at the time who they believed were directing sniper fire at the troops. The forces learned only later “that the plaintiffs were also in the building,” the statement said. The ministry alleged that “explosive materials of terrorist organizations” were in the building and that “it is quite possible” the girls were killed and wounded by an explosion of these materials. The Israeli daily Haaretz reported earlier this week that the Defence Ministry filed a new court document with testimony from a weapons expert in the Israeli military who tested shrapnel taken from the wounded, including Abuelaish’s daughter, Shada. The tests concluded that the building contained weapons not used by the Israeli military, Haaretz reported.”
  • Despite there being no definitive proof that Israeli shells killed the girls (they may have died due to explosive materials of terrorist organizations in the building) the AP’s reporter nevertheless claimed outright that: “On Jan. 16, tank shells hit the doctor’s home, killing daughters Aya, Mayar and Bissan, along with a niece, Noor.”
      • “U.S. President Donald Trump’s Middle East envoy held his first talks on Tuesday with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, amid Palestinian concerns that the new administration in Washington is more favorably disposed toward Israel.”


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