The Daily Brief – Today’s News And Views About Israel & The Mideast – March 13

March 13, 2017
  • What makes Richard Gere qualified to opine on the Arab-Israeli conflict? Pretty Woman? In any event, on a recent trip to Israel – that’s exactly what he did. CTV has coverage, as does CBC News:

  • The Hamilton Spectator covers Israel’s cinderella story at the World Baseball Classic as it has won 4 straight games: “Israel is the big surprise of the World Baseball Classic, upsetting three teams, generating buzz and offering a mascot like no other — “The Mensch on the Bench.””. CTV and Toronto Star also has coverage.
  • Winnipeg Free Press and Winnipeg Sun on how a rally is being organized at the Rady centre to protest against antisemitic acts committed against Jewish community centres.
  • A Jordanian soldier who killed seven Israeli schoolgirls in a 1997 shooting rampage was unrepentant after his release from prison Sunday, lashing out at Israelis with harshly derogatory remarks. Global News has coverage.
  • AP via Times Colonist has coverage on how Israel’s ministry of strategic affairs said Monday it denied a prominent British boycott activist’s entry into the country. Revital Yakin-Karkovsky, a senior ministry official, said Hugh Lanning of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign was prohibited Sunday from entering Israel because his organization had close ties to the Hamas militant group and was one of the leading forces seeking to delegitimize Israel.”


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