The Daily Brief – Today’s News And Views About Israel & The Mideast – March 1

March 1, 2017
  • CBC provided fulsome coverage of the release the state comptroller’s report on the 2014 Gaza war. CBC’s headline says it all: “Tunnels caught Israel off-guard in 2014 Gaza war, government watchdog say; Long-awaited report faults both military and government, unleashing immediate finger-pointing.”

The lead of CBC’s AP/CP article states: “Israel’s official government watchdog issued a long-awaited report Tuesday in which it found the military was ill-prepared to counter the threat of underground tunnels used by Hamas militants from Gaza during the 2014 war, and that the Cabinet was not provided enough information to make proper decisions about it.”

  • The National Post’s Stewart Bell reports that a Montreal mosque where an imam had prayed for Jews to be killed “one by one” is facing fresh calls for an investigation after more videos surfaced online showing anti-Semitic preaching. The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) released a video on Tuesday of sermons in which an imam at the Al Andalous Islamic Centre conveyed conspiracy theories about Jews, their history and their origins.


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