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The Daily Brief – Today’s News And Views About Israel & The Mideast – April 5

by Mike Fegelman
  • Naturally, the bulk of Canadian media focused on the chemical attacks in Syria. See front page coverage from the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and National Post: 
  • On CBC The National last night, reporter Derek Stoffel covered the return of the Jacob Sheep to the Holy Land. How An Israeli-Canadian couple has spent the past few years raising a flock of sheep with biblical lineage with the goal of bringing them back to Israel. Watch the segment here:

  • In the National Post, Barbara Kay comments on how the Students Supporting Israel organization at Ryerson University had a rare win as its continued efforts saw the Ryerson Student Union endorse a new and comprehensive definition of anti-Semitism, drawn from the Ottawa Protocol. Kay writes:
    • “SSI, with the moral support and human resources of Stand With Us, an international organization that fights anti-Israel bias on campus, was determined such unjust marginalization would not happen again. What was needed, they decided, was passage of a new motion entrenching a solid definition of anti-Semitism. New, because an older version of what constitutes anti-Semitism had already been submitted in November, 2014. It had passed, but in a radically amended form to exclude any reference to the state of Israel, and to the demonization of Israel as a form of anti-Semitism, an excision which was unacceptable to SSI. The SSI have made good on their promise. On March 29 the RSU adopted a new and comprehensive definition of anti-Semitism, which will guard against any repetition of RSU’s November humiliation.”
  • The Toronto Sun (via AP – offline) asks if there will be an Arab consensus on Israel?



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