The Daily Brief – Thursday December 9, 2010

December 9, 2010

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9, 2010
Globe and Mail: Patrick Martin: "Obama big loser in failure to halt settlements" (9/12/2010)
"The U.S. decision to abandon attempts to coax Israel into adopting a new freeze on West Bank settlement construction has put the future of Mideast peace talks in doubt and badly embarrassed the Obama administration."
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Toronto Star: Gil Yaron: "Mideast peace talks back to square one" (8/12/2010)
"The pessimists were right again: Barely three months after direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians took off, and two months after they went into hibernation, the U.S. has given up on this round of talks."
Send a letter to the editor "Israel rebuked by UN, EU over settlements" (9/12/2010)
"The European Union, the United Nations and the Arab League have rebuked Israel after its refusal to halt settlement construction forced Washington to drop efforts to relaunch Mideast peace talks."
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National Post: AFP: "Meeting last ditch effort to rescue peace talks" (9/12/2010)
"Israel and the Palestinians are sending top officials to Washington for talks, the two sides announced on Wednesday, to try to rescue a Middle East peace process in crisis."
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Halifax Herald: AP: "Mideast peace push stalls again" (9/12/2010)
"The U.S. decision to abandon its efforts to coax a settlement freeze out of Israel marks the biggest failure yet in the Obama administration’s much-trumpeted Mideast peace push, casting serious doubts over whether the president can broker a deal by his September target."
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Vancouver Sun: Crispian Balmer: "Big Bang approach to Middle East deal won’t work" (9/12/2010)
"Washington’s failure to revive direct peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians should finally dispel any lingering illusion that the decades-old Middle East conflict can be resolved in open negotiations."
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Edmonton Journal: Hazel Ward: "U.S. condones Israeli settlement" (9/12/2010)
"The Middle East peace process lay in tatters Wednesday after Washington admitted defeat in its efforts to secure an Israeli freeze on settlement building, the Palestinians’ condition for resuming talks."
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Montreal Gazette: AFP: "Erekat, Barak travel to US for crisis talks" (9/12/2010)
"Senior Israeli and Palestinian officials are heading to Washington for talks, apparently aimed at salvaging the Middle East peace process, officials said yesterday."
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Montreal Gazette: Tom Perry: "Washington weak in peace bid, Palestinians say" (9/12/2010)
"Palestinian leaders said yesterday that "Israeli obstinacy" made Washington give up on efforts to halt Jewish settlement and questioned whether the United States could ever help them attain independence."
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Calgary Herald: McClatchy News: "Mideast leaders exchange blame as talks fail" (9/12/2010)
"Israeli and Palestinian leaders traded accusations Wednesday over who was to blame for the collapse of talks that the Obama administration had hoped would lead to a comprehensive peace settlement within a year."
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CBC News Network: Anchor: “Mideast talks in crisis” (8/12/2010)
"Mahmoud Abbas says Middle East peace talks are in crisis because of the resumed construction of Jewish settlements in the West Bank. The Palestinian leader made the comment after the United States admitted it has failed to get Israel to stop building there. Construction started again in September after a ten-month freeze on building expired. Israel’s coalition government couldn’t get the votes for an extension, but the United States has vowed to find other ways in the very near future to bring the two sides together."
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Edmonton Journal: Gavin Rabinowitz: "Report blames blaze on neglect of fire services" (9/12/2010)
"A government watchdog report released Wednesday after Israel’s worst-ever fire said the fire services suffered from systematic neglect and laid much of the blame on Interior Minister Eli Yishai."
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Edmonton Sun: Reuters: "Israel’s fire services ‘could collapse’" (9/12/2010)
"Israel’s firefighting services require a major overhaul after years of neglect, an official report said on Wednesday, days after the country was forced to ask for international help to douse its worst-ever forest blaze."
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Global National: Anchor: : “Saudi Arabia wanted army deployed Lebanon: Wikileaks”  (8/12/2010)
“A U.S. diplomat says Saudi Arabia proposed an Arab army be deployed to in 2008 to dispatch Hezbollah."
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CBC News Now: Anchor: “Saudi Arabia wanted Hezbollah out of Lebanon: Wikileaks” (8/12/2010)
"Among the thousands of classified messages found in the Wikileaks releases, there’s one that suggests Saudi Arabia propose sending an Arab-led force in to Lebanon two years ago to destroy Hezbollah.."
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    Today’s News and Views About Israel & Mideast

Macleans: Erica Alini "West Bank: You can bank on it" (27/12/2010)
"After 10 years in the doldrums, the West Bank is back in business. A five-star Movenpick hotel opened in Ramallah last month, restaurants and bars in the city are crowded, and construction is booming. Even smaller cities have seen an uptick in activity of late."
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Windsor Star: Nabil Tabbara (letter to the editor): "Where is Israel’s freedom of speech?" (9/12/2010)
"It would take a very long list to describe the errors Mr. Sowell planted in his article.  It is sufficient to give the example of a respected scientist and professor like Noam Chomsky, who was denied entry to Israel because of what Israelis expected him to talk about.  Yes, he is an American Jewish citizen. Is this the freedom of speech Mr. Sowell is hoping the Americans learn from the Israelis?  Is this the criteria for "screening" people at airports that he is advocating?  Ignoring Mr. Sowell’s doubtful agenda, I wonder why would The Star publish such a misguiding article.  I thought there was much more relevant and real news going on."
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Windsor Star: Bilal Dadar (letter to the editor) "Human rights ignored in the name of ‘security’" (9/12/2010)
"This article suggests that North American airports follow the model of Israeli airport security standards, which eschew “political correctness” to exercise profiling and harsh interrogation techniques against a target racial group.  Unfortunately, the article ignores numerous human rights abuses that have taken place at Ben Gurion Airport in the name of “security” and the effects on the Arab population of Israel as they undergo separate security procedures and harsh scrutiny based solely on their race."
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Windsor Star: MOHAMEDARIF M. JAGANI (letter to the editor) "Human rights ignored in the name of ‘security’" (9/12/2010)
"This article appears to be authored by a far-right-wing-minded individual.  It is truly an embodiment of what has gone wrong with America as the results of the recent midterm elections show.  Why should a Canadian newspaper entertain such ideas as justifying racial profiling in the name of security?  That the state of Israel engages in state-sponsored terrorism that includes racial profiling on a routine basis should be cause of concern to people with Canadian values, of which human rights are foremost, bar none.  So when this author peddles the idea that we should actually adopt such values from the Israeli model, it is simply despicable.  Don’t our democratic principles state that rather the guilty go free than the innocent be punished?  So why should we scapegoat someone simply because they appear to be Muslims or jihadists and trample all over their values and freedoms in the name of security?  I have to applaud the idea of the new scanner technology, which is both advanced and treats everyone the same way.  There should simply be no reason to compromise Canadian values."
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Regina Leader-Post: Barbara Yaffe: "Our airport security inadequate by Israeli standards" (9/12/2010)
"North Americans need to get a lot smarter about counter-intelligence if they truly want to protect themselves.  That’s the view of American-Israeli law professor Amos Guiora, an expert on terrorism and international law who spoke recently in Vancouver."
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Toronto Star: AP: "Lebanese paper’s website under hacker attack over WikiLeaks, says editor" (9/12/2010)
"A Lebanese newspaper’s website has been shut down following a hacker attack, apparently over its publishing of leaked U.S. diplomatic cables, an editor with the daily said Thursday."
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