The Daily Brief – Thursday August 26, 2010

August 26, 2010


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August 26, 2010
Today’s News About Israel

Regina Leader Post: Tim Switzer: "Cousin of Reginan sentenced in Iran" (26/08/2010)
“Farzad Mehregani knows it will sound strange, but in a sense, the Regina man was relieved to hear his cousin was sentenced to 20 years in an Iranian prison.  Mehregani’s cousin, Afif Naeimi, is one of seven leaders of the Baha’i faith recently sentenced to 20 years behind bars for spying for Israel, spreading propaganda and committing religious offences.”
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The Chronicle: Staff: "Dutton paramedic competes in Israel" (26/08/2010)
“Paramedics in St. Thomas-Elgin and London, Ont. are among the best in the world and they have the first place hardware to prove it. Dwayne Cottel of Dutton, a full-time regional paramedic educator and a part-time advanced care paramedic with Lambton-County EMS, teamed up with his peers Severo Rodriguez of St. Thomas, Jeff Conway of London, Ont. and Yaniv Berliner, an emergency room doctor who works both at Health Sciences Centre in London and St. Thomas-Elgin General Hospital, and entered an international EMS competition in Israel, where they faced off against 45 teams from 16 countries.”
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Montreal Gazette: Reuters: "Israel points to Iran as ‘real nuclear risk’" (26/08/2010)
"Israel, facing new scrutiny at the UN nuclear watchdog agency for its assumed atomic arsenal, lobbied the agency’s visiting director yesterday to regard Iran as the region’s real proliferation risk. International Atomic Energy Agency chief Yukiya Amano arrived on Monday with a mandate to discuss an Arabled resolution to bring Israel’s secret Dimona reactor under inspections, officials said. The resolution will likely be debated again at next month’s IAEA assembly in Vienna."
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Saskatoon Star Phoenix: Reuters: "Prospects bleak for quick peace: Israeli official" (26/08/2010)
"Israel and the Palestinians have virtually no chance of reaching a peace deal within the one-year target set by the United States, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Wednesday."
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Ottawa Citizen: Jennifer Campbell: "Diplomatic postings" (26/08/2010)
“Meanwhile, Paul Hunt becomes ambassador to Israel.”

Eye Weekly: Chris Bilton: "Wards to watch" (25/08/2010)
“Martin Gladstone, the man behind the documentary film that provoked the Queers Against Israeli Apartheid–Pride Toronto debacle, is also running in this ward.

Actualités et opinions sur Israël

Cyberpresse : AFP : « Négociations directes avec Israël: «une chance historique pour la paix» » (25/06/2010)
« Le président de l’Autorité palestinienne Mahmoud Abbas a estimé mercredi que la reprise des négociations directes avec Israël offrait une «chance historique» de parvenir à la paix, lors d’une réception officielle à Ramallah. »
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Montréal Métro : AP : « Lieberman veut des colonies » (26/08/2010)
« Le ministre israélien des Affaires étrangères Avigdor Lieberman a jugé mercredi inacceptable une prolongation du moratoire sur les constructions de colonies en Cisjordanie, malgré la reprise des pourparlers directs avec les Palestiniens, programmée la semaine prochaine à Washington. »
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24 Heures : AFP : « Une chance historique pour la paix » (26/08/2010)
« Le président de l’Autorité palestinienne, Mahmoud Abbas, a estimé hier que la reprise des négociations directes avec Israël offre une « chance historique » de parvenir à la paix, lors d’un réception officielle à Ramallah. »
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           Today’s News and Views About Israel

Calgary Herald: George Will via Washington Post: "The Mideast peace process is a mirage" (26/08/2010)
“The biggest threat to peace might be the peace process – or, more precisely, the illusion that there is one. Immersion in this region’s politics can convince those immersed that history is cyclical rather than linear – that it is not one thing after another but the same thing over and over. This passes for good news because things that do change, such as weapons, often make matters worse. A profound change, however, is this: Talk about the crisis between Israel and “the Arab world” is anachronistic. Israel has treaties with two Arab nations, Egypt and Jordan, and Israel’s most lethal enemy is Iran, which is not an Arab state. It and another nonArab nation, Turkey, are eclipsing the Arab world, where 60 per cent of the population of 300 million is under 25, and 26 per cent of that cohort is unemployed. The prerequisites for Arab progress – freedom, education and the emancipation of women – are not contemplated”
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National Post: Michael Ledeen: "Cracks in the Iranian monolith" (26/08/2010)
“The Iranian regime loves to boast of its military strength, international clout and hold on domestic power. Much of this is accepted by outside experts, but in fact the regime is in trouble. Iran’s leaders have lost legitimacy in the eyes of the people, are unable to manage the country’s many problems, face a growing opposition and are openly fighting with one another.”
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Toronto Star: Haroon Siddiqui: "American anti-Muslim prejudice goes mainstream" (26/08/2010)
"Conspiracy theorists, especially in the Muslim world, held that 9/11was really the work of Israelis or the Americans themselves. Nine years out, it’s the Americans who are singing loony tunes about Muslims. Eighteen per cent think Barack Obama is a Muslim, according to a Pew poll. That’s 55 million Americans. Many use only his middle name, Hussein. Rush Limbaugh calls him Imam Obama."
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Toronto Sun: Peter Worthington: "Obama out of step with Americans" (26/08/2010)
“The reason an increasing number of Americans apparently believe their president is a Muslim, is because by his actions and statements, he is rarely critical of Islam.”
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Montreal Gazette: AFP: "Israeli settlers warn PM could face ‘day of judgment’" (26/08/2010)
“Israeli settlers warned yesterday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will face his "day of judgment" if he caves in to pressure to further limit settlement construction in the West Bank.”
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24 Hours: Reuters: "Sarkozy warns Iran to make a deal" (26/08/2010)
"French President Nicolas Sarkozy told Iran on Wednesday that failure to reach a credible agreement over its nuclear program would force world powers to mobilize to protect threatened states in the region."

Canada Free Press: Daniel Greenfield: "The Media’s Anti-Semitic Hate Machine" (26/08/2010)
“The Nazi propaganda rag Der Sturmer may have gone out of publication around the time that the Fuhrer’s ashes were smoldering in his bunker beneath the Wilhelmstrasse, but its motto is present today in almost every liberal newspaper in the Western world. Der Sturmer’s daily invocation of “Die Juden sind unser Unglück!” or “The Jews are our misfortune!” is omnipresent in the media coverage of almost anything involving the Middle East or Islamic terrorism.”

Ottawa Citizen: Staff: "Top Picks For The Week" (26/08/2010)
"Israeli writer-director Samuel Maoz based his film Lebanon on his own experiences in a tank in Israel’s war in Lebanon in 1982. Described as a harrowing soldier’s-eye view of war, the film won the Golden Lion award at the 2009 Venice Film Festival and was praised by a New York Times critic for its "creative audacity, the precision of its psychological portrait


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