The Daily Brief – Thursday, August 19, 2010

August 19, 2010


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August 19, 2010
Today’s News and Views About Israel

Globe and Mail: Rachel Shabi (Guardian News Services) "Israelis take Palestinian conflict to the pages of Wikipedia" (19/08/2010)
“Since the earliest days of the Internet, the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians has seen its rhetorical counterpart fought out on the message boards and chatrooms.  Now two Israeli groups seeking to gain the upper hand in the online debate have launched a course in “Zionist editing” for Wikipedia, the online reference site maintained by collaborative contribution.”
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Edmonton Journal: AFP: "Israel media publish new Facebook prisoner shots" (19/08/2010)
“Israeli media carried new photos on Wednesday of troops posing with handcuffed Palestinian prisoners, two days after a former soldier caused uproar for posting such images on social networking site Facebook. It has become the norm for soldiers to take such pictures," not the exception, said Yehuda Shaul, of the rights group Breaking the Silence, which initially distributed the controversial pictures.
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See also: Calgary Herald (write a letter) Peter Howell: "Lebanon: Seeking truth from inside a steel prison" (19/08/2010)
“When the stares of hatred from both foes and supposed allies become one and the same, the insanity of war is truly felt. Such is the hard-won realization of Israeli Army gunner Shmulik (Yoav Donat) in Lebanon, Samuel Maoz’s prize-winning film that removes all thoughts of glamour or glory from violent engagements. Think of it as the opposite of The Expendables… Lebanon is now part of this collective memory. It makes the most powerful of anti-war statements by portraying grim reality in the most basic of terms."

Jewish Tribune: Lynne Cohen: "Paul Hunt named new ambassador to Israel" (19/08/2010)
“Leaving his post as Canada’s ambassador to Brazil – a post he served for three years – Paul Hunt is Canada’s next ambassador to Israel. Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon announced the diplomatic appointment last Thursday.  A graduate of York University, Hunt first earned an honours BA in economics and political science. He then went on to do post-graduate work in international relations and organizations and public administration at Brock University.”

Ottawa Citizen: AFP: "Lenin returns, as French city honours 20th century’s ‘great men’" (19/08/2010)
“Twenty years after Lenin’s statue began to tumble across post-Communist Eastern Europe, a French city this week erected a 3.3-metre bronze of the Russian revolutionary… Next year, five more heroes will arrive: India’s Mahatma Gandhi, Israel’s Golda Meir, Egypt’s Gamal Abdel Nasser, South Africa’s Nelson Mandela and Chinese leader Mao Zedong.”

Ottawa Citizen: Vera Gara: (letter to the editor) "Whitton’s anti-Semitic actions are unforgivable" (18/08/2010)
“I am the past chair of the Ottawa Jewish Federation’s Holocaust remembrance committee and a Holocaust survivor. In those roles I have had the great honour to have spoken to thousands of public, Catholic and private school students about the dangers of bigotry, racism and anti-Semitism… I stand solidly with Canadian Jewish Congress in asking federal minister Jim Prentice to reject any Parks Canada honour for Whitton. I dare say most Canadians would also reject any such honours to Whitton as well given her history of bigotry.”

Actualités et opinions sur Israël

Rue Frontenac : Martin Bisaillon : « Lebanon: la vraie guerre » (19/08/2010)
« Vous êtes dans un char d’assaut. Vous avez été formé au tir du canon et de la mitrailleuse sur des barils remplis d’essence: la belle affaire! Mais ce matin, c’est la guerre et vous êtes conscrit. Soldat israélien, vous pénétrez au Liban avec un équipage que vous ne connaissez pas, à la recherche d’ennemis aussi furtifs que déterminés. »
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La Presse : Agnès Gruda : « Le cynisme ordinaire » (19/08/2010)
« Deux photos publiées sur Facebook viennent de mettre l’opinion publique israélienne en émoi. On y voit une jeune soldate tendre son visage souriant vers la caméra avec, en arrière-plan, des prisonniers palestiniens aux mains liées et aux yeux bandés.”»
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24 Heures : AFP : « L’Iran ne discutera pas avec Washington » (19/08/2010)
« Le guide suprême iranien Ali Khamenei a déclaré hier que l’Iran ne négociera avec les États-Unis sur la question du nucléaire que si Washington lève les sanctions et arrête ses « menaces » contre Téhéran. »
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           Today’s News and Views About Israel

CBC Radio: World Report: Irris Makler: "Israeli PM’s wife decries deporting children" (19/08/2010)
“The wife of Israel’s Prime Minister is appealing to her husband’s cabinet colleagues. Sarah Netanyahu is asking them to reconsider the decision to deport hundreds of children born to migrant workers in the country. As Irris Makler reports, she’s going to Israel’s Interior Minister with a plea.”
Listen to report online   Send letter to the editor "Israeli PM’s wife decries deporting children" (19/08/2010)
“The wife of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has written to his cabinet colleagues, asking them to reconsider the decision to deport 400 children. They are the offspring — born in Israel — of migrant workers from Asian and African countries. The government has ordered them to leave, along with their parents, by the fall. The issue has touched a raw nerve in Israel.”
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Toronto Sun: Theo Caldwell: “Iranian’s ‘confession’ a travesty” (19/08/2010)
“Sakineh Ashtiani has confessed. Ashtiani is the Iranian woman who was sentenced to death by stoning for the crime of “adultery,” and whose cause was championed by people around the globe. Owing to public outcry, Iran’s mullahs, in their mercy, commuted her sentence to death by hanging. But this week, Ashtiani appeared on Iranian television where she confessed to various charges, including being an accessory to the murder of her husband.”
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