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August 31, 2010

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August 30, 2010
Today’s News and Views About Israel

Globe and Mail: Gerald Caplan: "A Mideast reading list for Tories willing to learn" (27/08/2010)
"U.S. President Barack Obama is bringing together Israeli and Palestinian leaders next week in yet another attempt to find agreement between them. It seems a futile quest. The Palestinians remain impossibly divided and agree on little. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his extreme right-wing coalition also have disagreements but are united on the biggest issue of them all: As they’ve repeatedly demonstrated by word and deed, they will never accede to even the minimum demands and will never accept a viable Palestinian state on the West Bank."
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Toronto Star: Mitch Potter: "Are Mideast talks ‘the last best chance’ for peace?" (31/08/2010)
“As hopeless scenarios go, the Mideast peace talks set to begin in Washington appear to have it all. An Israeli government that’s all hawks, no doves; a two-headed Palestinian leadership, only the enfeebled half of which is willing to talk, while the other, Hamas, spits bullets, metaphorically. For now.”
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CTV National News: Sandie Rinaldo/Joanne Clancy "Building peace in Rawabi, West Bank" (28/08/2010)
"In the West Bank north of Jerusalem a new city is being built. Many people are hoping that Rawabi will also build trust among the Palestinians and the Israelis."
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CTV National News: Sandie Rinaldo: "Gilad Shalit rally" (28/08/2010)
"And thousands of people rallied outside the Israeli prime minister’s residence. They’re demanding that Benjamin Netanyahu reach a deal to free an Israeli soldier. Staff Sergeant Gilad Shalit was captured by Palestinian militants more then four years ago inside Israel in a cross border raid."
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Halifax Herald: AP: "Thousands rally outside Israeli PM’s house seeking deal to release prisoner" (29/08/2010)
"Thousands of people rallied outside the Israeli prime minister’s residence Saturday, demanding he conclude a deal to secure the release of an Israeli soldier captured by Palestinian militants more than four years ago."
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Telegraph-Journal: Max Wolfe: "From Holocaust to Islamophobia" (30/08/2010)
“Most of the world giving Arabs support in Israel’s war to maintain its independence. And then there were the smug fence sitters, such as Canada. Anyone remember Jim Keegstra in Alberta or Malcolm Ross in Moncton? These worthies led what can only be described as a quiet anti-Semitic war in Canada – not surprising, given the anti-Semitic attitudes of Canadian and provincial governments of the time.”
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MacLean’s: Michael Petrou: "Iran’s expat outreach" (30/08/2010)
"Canadian invitees to conferences hosted by the Iranian government this spring and summer, aimed at burnishing the country’s image, included a former candidate for the Green Party of Canada and Ontario, as well as a University of Alberta professor."
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Waterloo Record: Rabbi Kenneth Chasen: "The new Palestine is emerging on the West Bank" (28/08/2010)
"The short drive from Jerusalem to Ramallah begins as you’d expect. The pristine setting of the old-new holy city slowly morphs into a more disordered vista on the outskirts of town—small Arab villages, humbly built of stone, displaying signs of economic decay. The streets are nearly empty."
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Montreal Gazette: Ian Macleod: "Former CSIS boss had warned about domestic terrorism" (30/08/2010)
"Meanwhile, al-Qaida along with its offshoots, associates and hangers-on, and the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror groups remain highly virulent to Canada, he said."

Calgary Herald/NorthBay Nugget/Daily Press: Wire Services: "Israeli Actors To Boycott Plays In Settlements" (30/08/2010)
"Leading lights of the Israeli theatre world have vowed to boycott Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, drawing threats from right-wingers who say the rebels risk losing public funding."

Sudbury Star: Carol Mulligan: "’It feels like he’s been gone a year’" (28/08/2010)
"The heartfelt thoughts of Sudburians, who shared the grief of a family who lost "Canada’s son" in Afghanistan two months ago, were presented to Pte. Andrew Miller’s family Friday at Tom Davies Square… There has been a huge outpouring of support from people nationally and Canadian expatriates as far away as Israel, said Ealdama."

Edmonton Sun: Reuters: "Netanyahu unveils peace talks strategy" (28/08/2010)
“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proposed meetings with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas every two weeks to improve the prospects of Middle East peace talks, a diplomatic source said on Friday.”
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Halifax Herald: AP: "Palestine stands firm on West Bank construction" (30/08/2010)
"Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned Sunday that he will not back down from his threat to pull out of new peace talks with Israel if it resumes construction in West Bank settlements."
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Toronto Star: Wire Services: "Peace talks doomed if building resumes: Abbas" (30/08/2010)
“Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas warned Sunday that he will not back down from his threat to pull out of new peace talks with Israel if it resumes construction in West Bank settlements.”

Ottawa Citizen: Postmedia News: ‘Israel. Netanyahu to lead talks with Abbas Israeli Prime Minister" (28/08/2010)
"Benjamin Netanyahu plans to personally lead peace talks that start next week and hopes to meet Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas every two weeks, an official said Friday."

St. Catharines Standard/Brantford Expositor/Sun Times/Kingston Whig Standard/Niagara Falls Review/London Free Press: Reuters: "Clock ticking on peace talks" (30/08/2010)
"Many clocks will be ticking during the next year when Washington hopes an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal can be hammered out."

Edmonton Journal: Nick Conrad: (letter to the editor) "All religion is malleable" (28/08/2010)
"Mark Jacka may be correct there is a lack of understanding of the Arab world and Islam, but it’s not due to the misunderstanding of some sole absolute truth because none exists…"

Globe and Mail: Li Robbins: "Balkan Beat Box: the Lady Gaga of folk revivalism" (30/08/2010)
"Knowing the antecedents helps – Kaplan, who has a jazz background, played with the self-described “gypsy punk” band Gogol Bordello. Co-founder Tamir Muskat was the drummer for the global indie collective Firewater. The band’s stage-diving vocalist/rapper, Tomer Yosef, got his start as a stand-up comedian and D.J. All three are originally from Israel, and converged in New York City."

Actualités et opinions sur Israël

Cyberpresse : AFP : « Israël-Palestine: le dialogue échouera si la colonisation continue, dit Abbas » (29/08/2010)
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 « Le président palestinien Mahmoud Abbas a de nouveau fait porter dimanche à Israël l’entière responsabilité de l’échec des négociations de paix s’il reprenait la colonisation en Cisjordanie occupée et à Jérusalem-Est. »
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Cyberpresse : AFP : « Nétanyahou met en avant les trois principes d’un accord » (29/08/2010)
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 « Le premier ministre israélien Benyamin Nétanyahou a mis en avant dimanche les trois principes de tout accord de paix avec les Palestiniens, insistant sur la reconnaissance d’Israël «comme État du peuple juif», avant l’ouverture de négociations directes à Washington.»
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Radio-Canada : RC/Reuters : « Irlande : Un autre bateau pour Gaza » (30/08/2010)
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« Dans l’intention de briser le blocus de la bande Gaza, des militants irlandais ont commencé une collecte de fonds en vue d’y envoyer un bateau d’aide humanitaire.»
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Le Soleil : Normand Provencher : « Films Français et étrangers: tir groupé en septembre » (28/08/2010)
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 « Gagnant du Lion d’or à Venise l’an dernier, Liban, du cinéaste israélien Samuel Maoz (date à confirmer), est un huis clos sur la guerre, dont la presque totalité se déroule à l’intérieur d’un tank, lors du conflit israélo-libanais de 1982, où quatre jeunes soldats doivent composer avec leurs peurs et leurs angoisses. »


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