The Daily Brief – Monday, August 23, 2010

August 23, 2010


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August 23, 2010
Today’s TV News About Israel

CBC National: Kim Brunhuber/Susan Bonner: "New peace talks" (20/08/2010)
"Mideast peace talks are coming up. Israeli and Palestinian officials will meet in early September for their first direct negotiations in 20 months.”
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CTV News Channel: Mira Sucharov, Carleton U., "Middle East Peace Talks" (22/08/2010)
“An Arab-Israeli conflict analyst with Carleton University explains the kinds of preconditions the Palestinians would have liked to have in place prior to the upcoming peace talks with Israel.”
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CTV News Channel: Joanne Clancy in Jerusalem "Mideast peace talks" (22/08/2010)
“CTV’s Middle East bureau chief says the issues likely to be addressed at this meeting are refugees, water, the status of Jerusalem, borders and security.”
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CTV News Channel: Hillary Clinton, U.S. Sec. of State, press conference re: "Mideast peace talks" (22/08/2010)
“The U.S. secretary of state announces the renewal of talks between Israelis and Palestinians, saying she has invited the two sides to meet in September in Washington, D.C. for direct negotiations.”
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Global National: Sophie Li/Jas Johal: "Iran fuelling nuclear plant" at 3:35 of broadcast (21/08/2010)
"Iran began fuelling its first nuclear power plant today, nearly four decades after construction began. It’s a major milestone for the country as it pushes ahead with its atomic program, despite UN sanctions. And while the facility in the south western gulf coast is supposed to generate much needed electricity, there’s also growing concern it will advance Iran’s controversial uranium enrichment program, here’s Jas Johal…"
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Global National: Sophie Li/Brian Mooar: "Mideast peace talks" at 10:10 of broadcast (21/08/2010)
"Next month the Israeli Prime Minister and Palestinian President with sit down for the first face-to-face talks in almost two years. Canada has issued a statement supporting the meeting and the U.S. believes an agreement can be reached within a year, but before they’ve even begun, both Palestinians and Israelis are pointing out why the talks may fail, Brian Mooar reports…"
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CTV National News: Sandie Rinaldo/Joanne Clancy: "Mideast peace talks" (20/08/2010)
"There were some major developments today on efforts to jumpstart stalled Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, the Obama administration announced that it has invited Israeli and Palestinian leaders to Washington on September 2 for direct talks. the U.S. hopes that it will lead to an historic  accord in a years time, but knows its facing an extremely difficult task. Joanne Clancy reports…"
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CTV National News: Sandie Rinaldo: "Iran missile launch" (20/08/2010)
"There were chilling chants of death to Israel in Iran today after the country successfully test fired a new missile. Tomorrow, nationwide celebrations are planned for the startup of the country’s first ever nuclear power plant. The launch of the surface to surface missile was shown on state television. Iran says it has an enhanced guidance system to hit targets with greater precision. Later, Iran’s Defense Minister announced the successful attempts to cheering worshippers at Friday’s prayers."
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CTV National News: Sandie Rinaldo: "Iran nuclear power plant" (22/08/2010)
"Iran was flexing more military muscle today, just two days after test firing a new enhanced missile it showed off its new unmanned bomber plane. With confetti falling, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad unveiled the country’s first domestically built bomber, he called the aircraft, and we quote "an ambassador of death for the enemies of humanity." The 4 meter long drone can carry up to four cruise missiles and has a range of 1,000km. State television showed video of the plane taking off and reaching speeds of 900km an hour."
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CBC National: Kim Brunhuber: "Iran fuels nuclear plant" (21/08/2010)
"Engineers have begun to load fuel into Iran ‘s first nuclear power plant. It will take about two months before the reactor begins to produce electricity. The United States and Israel are concerned that Iran plans to develop nuclear weapons."
See also: Calgary Herald, Edmonton/Toronto/Calgary Sun, Ottawa Citizen, Edmonton Journal, and Halifax Herald

News Outside the Conflict

Globe and Mail: Editorial: "Helping the nannies live in" (21/08/2010)
"Ottawa should be applauded for its new measures aimed at protecting Canada’s foreign nannies from abuse, while making it easier for them to stay here… Many countries that host foreign domestic workers – including Hong Kong, Israel and other nations in Europe and the Middle East – do not permit them to become citizens."

Ottawa Citizen: Marion Silver Brass: "Mother persevered with grace" (22/08/2010)
"The rise of the Nazis necessitated critical life and death decisions for her. Thanks to the workings of the Zionist Youth Organization, she was fortunate to have spent her teenage years and young adulthood in those heady, pioneering days of the pre-State of Israel, first in a kibbutz and then in Tel Aviv."

Saskatoon Star Phoenix: Getty Images: "Around the world in photos: shade worshippers" (21/08/2010)
“Palestinian worshippers cool down from the heat as they read the Koran at the flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound in Jerusalem.”

Actualités et opinions sur Israël

RDI : Hugues Poulin : « Israël-Autorité palestinienne : Négociations directes à Washington » (20/08/2010)
« Proche-Orient : Israël et l’Autorité palestinienne reprendront les négociations directes le 2 septembre »
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RDI : Pierre Sauvé : « Iran: Démarrage en cours à la centrale de Bouchehr » (21/08/2010)
« Iran : le démarrage de la centrale nucléaire de Bouchehr, construite avec l’aide de la Russie, est en cours. »
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Radio-Canada TV: Hugues Poulin : « Israël-Autorité palestinienne: Négociations directes à Washington » (20/08/2010)
« Proche-Orient : Israël et l’Autorité palestinienne reprendront les négociations directes le 2 septembre »

Radio-Canada TV : Pierre Sauvé : « Iran: Démarrage en cours à la centrale de Bouchehr » (21/08/2010)
« Iran : le démarrage de la centrale nucléaire de Bouchehr, construite avec l’aide de la Russie, est en cours. »

Le Droit : AP : « Reprise annoncée des négociations entre Israéliens et Palestiniens » (21/08/2010)
« Israël et l’Autorité palestinienne ont accepté de reprendre les négociations directes qui commenceront le 2 septembre à Washington, sous l’égide du président Barack Obama, a annoncé hier la secrétaire d’État Hillary Clinton. »
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La Tribune : AP : « Négos entre Israéliens et Palestiniens en septembre » (21/08/2010)


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