The Daily Brief – Friday, September 3, 2010

September 3, 2010

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September 3, 2010
Today’s News and Views About Israel

CTV News: Paul Workman: "On the Mideast peace talks" (2/09/2010)
"The Israeli and Palestinian leaders met for their direct peace talks in over two years. Hillary Clinton used her skills of power and persuasion to try and secure a peace treaty. And Israel’s PM says he is ready to commit to the notion of a Palestinian state."
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Global National: Eric Sorensen: "Mideast peace talks" (2/09/2010)
"Israeli and Palestinian leaers met today in Washington. The first face-to-face peace talks in almost two years. Both sides say a lasting peace deal is within reach despite recent violence, but that’s been promised before. Here’s Global National’s Washington bureau chief, Eric Sorenson."
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Toronto Star: Mitch Potter: "After Washington launch, a sliver of hope" (3/09/2010)
“Fledgling peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians survived their first precarious hurdle, as both sides departed Washington pledging to sit down face to face every two weeks in a year-long drive to end the seven-decade conflict. But expectations remained low for the U.S.-brokered negotiations, with Palestinian officials pointing to Israeli plans to resume expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank as an early deal-breaker.”
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Globe and Mail: Rick Salutin "At 7, a terror suspect" (3/09/2010)
“I met Abdullah, the seven-year-old terror suspect, at a dinner near Toronto on Canada Day. He came last year from Gaza with his dad, Izzeldin Abuelaish, who’s here teaching global health at the med school, and five surviving siblings. His three oldest sisters were killed in their home in Gaza by Israeli shelling during the 2008 invasion. His mother died shortly before, of cancer. You can read about it in Dr. Abuelaish’s remarkable book, I Shall Not Hate. Abdullah has a sweet, mischievous look. Fireworks went off nearby and he asked his dad, Is it the Israelis? His dad reassured him.”
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Edmonton Journal: Wire Services: "Comments cancel Iran’s visit to Egypt” (3/09/2010)
“Egypt said Thursday it has postponed a visit to Cairo by Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki over comments criticizing the role of some Arab leaders in facilitating Middle East peace talks”
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Ottawa Citizen: Edmund Sanders (LA Times) "Extremists send their messages to Mideast negotiators" (3/09/2010)
"The fate of the U.S.-sponsored peace talks launched Thursday in Washington could hinge in part on how things play out in this hotly disputed West Bank city, where extremists on opposite sides suddenly find they share a common purpose: to sabotage the process."
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Edmonton Journal: Reuters: "Hamas threatens wave of attacks" (3/09/2010)
“Militant groups in the Gaza Strip said on Thursday they had joined forces to step up attacks against Israel, possibly including suicide bombings.”
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Vancouver Sun: Sharon Kirkey: "Hair-raising find could indicate men’s heart attack risk" (3/09/2010)
“Just a small snippet of hair may hold the key to predicting a person’s risk of heart attack months in advance, according to a new Canadian study. Researchers at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ont. tested three-centimetre long hair samples from 56 men admitted to an Israel hospital for heart attack against hair collected from 56 men of equal ages who were hospitalized for other reasons.”
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CBC Photo Gallery: AP: "Wednesday: Rebuilding" (3/09/2010)
"Jewish children throw material into a cement mixer during a symbolic ceremony to renew construction in the West Bank, in the Jewish settlement of Adam, near Ramallah, on Wednesday. Following Tuesday’s fatal shooting, Jewish settler leaders said they would unilaterally resume construction in West Bank settlements on Wednesday evening. At the Adam settlement near Jerusalem dozens gathered and prepared cement for the rebuilding."

CBC Photo Gallery: Reuters: "Wednesday: Peace talks" (3/09/2010)
"U.S. President Barack Obama, centre, walks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, second from left, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, second from right, Jordan’s King Abdullah II, right, and Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak through Cross Hall on their way to the East Room for Middle East peace talks at the White House in Washington."

Toronto Star Blogs: David Olive "Let it never be forgotten" (3/09/2010)
“That feckless exercise in naivete brought us a Hamas government in Gaza, after a Palestinian election that no one but the Bush Administration wanted.”


         Today’s News and Views About Israel

CBC National: Susan Bonner: "Mideast peace optimism" (2/09/2010)
"It looks and sounds so familiar, a dream of peace, a meeting, an agreement to meet again. Successive US presidents have tried to build a bridge to peace and now its Barak Obama’s turn. Susan Bonner reports."
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CBC Power and Politics: Chris Hall Interviews Riyad Mansour, Permanent observer of Palestine to the UN, Israeli Embassy Spokesperson Jonathan Pelled (2/09/2010)
“That of course was Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as the latest effort to find a Mideast peace deal gets under way in Washington. Netanyahu and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas quickly agreed to hold frequent meetings to reach a deal on core issues, including the creation of a Palestinian state all in the next year, but nearly all the pitfalls that have scuttled previous talks remain. Is Israel ready to make those painful concessions that will be needed? And is the Palestinian leadership too fractured to deliver any viable settlement?”
Watch this report online   Send comments to CBC "Netanyahu, Abbas return home to criticism" (3/09/2010)
"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned Friday from the resumption of Mideast negotiations in Washington to confront internal opposition to his peace moves, just as his Palestinian counterpart faced harsh criticism for agreeing to the talks at all."
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Winnipeg Free Press: Editorial Cartoon: "Mideast Peace Process" (3/09/2010)

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Globe and Mail: Paul Koring: "Talk of Mideast peace emerges from Obama-brokered meeting" (3/09/2010)
“Glimmers of hope that Palestinian-Israeli talks will finally herald peace after decades of failure, recrimination, bloodshed and despair emerged Thursday from a meeting brokered by U.S. President Barack Obama. “The people of Israel and I, as their Prime Minister, are prepared to walk this road and to go a long way in a short time to achieve a genuine peace,” said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose embracing of the process and willingness to accept an independent Palestine has made the prospect of a deal within a year a viable possibility.”
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Vancouver Sun: Sheldon Alberts: "Mideast talks: Mutual recognition, security guarantees central to Israel" (2/09/2010)
"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday said his country is prepared to make dramatic compromises to strike a lasting peace with the Palestinians, but insisted recognition of Israel as Jewish state and security guarantees must be part of any final agreement."
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