The Daily Brief – Friday January 7, 2011

By Mike Fegelman

January 7, 2011

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7, 2011
Waterloo Record/Kingston Whig Standard: Gwynne Dyer: "Two-state solution fading away" (7/1/2011)
"What does it mean when the United States, Britain, France and Spain upgrade the diplomatic status of the Palestinian delegations in their capitals, as they all did in the past year, and when the number of countries recognizing Palestinian statehood now exceeds 100?"
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Montreal Gazette: AFP: "Mubarak warns Israel against launching a strike on Gaza" (7/1/2011)
"Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak yesterday warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against launching a new war on Gaza as they met in a bid to break the impasse in Middle East peace negotiations."
Send letter to editor CP/AP: "Israel, Egypt discuss Palestinian peace talks" (6/1/2011)
"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked Egypt on Thursday to help persuade the Palestinians to enter direct peace talks, prompting calls by Egypt’s president for Israel to "create suitable atmosphere" for talks to happen."
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Global BC: Anchor: "Israeli and Egyptian leaders meet" (6/1/2011)
"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak for talks aimed at restarting the stalled mid east peace process. in a speech last month, Mubarak blamed Israel for the collapse of peace talks and called on the U.S. to renew the process. In September, and after a 20-month hiatus, direct Palestinian-Israeli talks resumed with the intervention of U.S. president Barack Obama. Those talks unravelled three weeks later."
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Victoria Times Colonist: AFP: "Israel bombs Gaza after attack" (7/1/2011)
"The Israeli air force bombed three sites across the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip late Thursday, causing no casualties, Palestinian security officials said. The Israeli military said it hit “a terror site in northern Gaza” and a “terrorist tunnel in the south.” The action came hours after a mortar shell was fired into southern Israel."
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Montreal Gazette: AFP: "Israel carrying out holocausts: Hamas" (7/1/2011)
"A senior Hamas leader yesterday accused Israel of carrying out "countless holocausts" against the Palestinians and said the Nazi genocide was a "lie."
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Canoe: AFP: "Hamas leader denies Nazi Holocaust" (6/1/2011)
"A senior Hamas leader on Thursday accused Israel of carrying out "countless holocausts" against the Palestinians while saying the Nazi genocide was a "lie."

National Post: Chris Knight: "Precious Life: Baby bomber" (7/1/2011)
"Fortunately, the question is only semi-hypothetical in Israel journalist Shlomi Eldar’s thought-provoking documentary Precious Life. Firstly, the life-saving operation has already been performed when his mother makes her shocking declaration. More importantly, the world of Israeli-Palestinian politics is far more complicated than any philosophy course."
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Globe and Mail: Paul Taylor: "Tears are a turnoff for guys – literally" (7/1/2011)
"“We have found there is a chemosignal in human tears,” said the study’s senior author, Noam Sobel, a neurobiologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel."
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Today’s News and Views About Israel & Mideast

Global Calgary: Anchor: "Activists clash with Israeli troops" (7/1/2011)
"Palestinian and foreign activists clashed with Israeli troops today near the barrier wall that separates Israel from the Palestinian-controlled territory. The protest comes a week after a Palestinian woman died after being overcome by tear gas fired by soldiers. Today’s clashes began as protesters marched to the barrier carrying photographs of the woman."
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Global National: Dawna Friesen: "Israeli avian espionage?" (6/1/2011)
"Saudi Arabia is accusing its neighbour Israel of engaging in Avian Espionage. Saudi authorities say they’ve detained a griffin vulture… Israel’s Foreign Ministry is also dismissing the Saudi accusations."
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CBC Connect: Mark Kelly: "Israeli spy vultures?" (7/1/2011)
"Israel spy agency has been accused of ambitious plots in the past. Assassinating foreign leaders, infiltrating top-secret organizations, the stories are legend but a new plot is truly impressive. Saudi Arabia has arrested an Israeli spy code named r-65. Take a look at the accused. That’s right this Griffin vulture is suspected of gathering information for Israel…"
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Toronto Sun: Thane Burnett: "Woman, bird arrested for allegedly being spies" (6/1/2011)
"In the world’s most unsettled region, it’s easy to get jumpy and see spies around every corner. Or nesting in every tree. Or biting tourists. Iranian news agencies say a 55-year-old American woman has been detained on espionage allegations after she was found with "spying equipment."
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"A griffon vulture — carrying a GPS transmitter and bearing the name of Tel Aviv University — has been “detained” by Saudi Arabian officials who fear a Zionist spy plot, according to media reports. Israel’s Maariv newspaper quoted a bird specialist at Israel’s Park and Nature Authority as saying, “The device does nothing more than receive and store basic data about the bird’s whereabouts, and about his altitude and speed.”
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National Posted: Kelly McParland: "Blog Nuggets: Ontario’s most insensitive council, Israel’s spy vulture" (6/1/2011)
"Saudi Arabian officials have “detained” a vulture spotted hanging around a sheikh’s house in the city of Hyaal, after discovering it was equipped with a tracking device from an Israeli university and deciding it was a Zionist spy."
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CBC Radio On the Coast: Anchor: “Ashton meets with Palestinian leaders” (6/1/2011)
"European Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton is meeting with Palestinian leaders in the West Bank and at the Egyptian resort of Sharm el Sheikh President Hosni Mubarak has been talking with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Netanyahu’s spokesman says Israel wants a final peace deal to be reached within a year and is blaming the Palestinians for the current deadlock. Spokesman: ‘The Palestinians are refusing to talk to Israel no matter what so it’s very very difficult to see how we can go for a look at the end of the day there’s an Israeli commitment to peace and I think that the best choice that the president could make would be to go back to the negotiating table.’ The Palestinian Authority pulled out of the talks last year after Israel decided to press on with the construction of settlements in the occupied territories."
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Ottawa Citizen/Vancouver Sun: Adrian Blomfield: "Woman who led Wailing Wall protest faces prison" (7/1/2011)
"An Israeli activist who defied orthodox Jewish custom by leading a group of women in open prayer at Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall has been told to expect years in prison for breaching the peace."
Send letter to editor AP: "2 Palestinians killed along Gaza-Israel border" (6/1/2011)
"Gaza’s Health Ministry says Israeli troops have killed two Palestinians along the Israel-Gaza border."

Toronto Sun/London Free Press: AP: "Israeli troops kill wrong man in Hamas raid" (7/1/2011)
"Israeli soldiers killed a 65-year-old Palestinian in his bedroom on Friday during a pre-dawn raid to seize a Hamas suspect who lived in the same building, in what the army admitted was a mistake."
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Reuters Canada: Staff: "Israel: No Iran bomb before 2015" (7/1/2011)
"Israel believes Iran will not be able to produce a nuclear bomb before 2015 and a top Israeli official has counseled against pre-emptive military strikes, intelligence assessments published on Friday said."

Toronto Star: Greg Quill: "Precious Life: Changing lives one heart at a time" (7/1/2011)
"Buried somewhere in Israeli journalist Shlomi Eldar’s compelling documentary, Precious Life, is a kernel of hope for eventual peace in the Middle East. But it’s the startling revelation halfway through the movie — about the efforts of an Israeli doctor to save the life of a 4-month-old Palestinian boy suffering from a severe immune deficiency condition — that gives the story a quite horrifying wallop and underscores the madness of that appalling conflict."
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Ottawa Citizen: Staff: "What’s playing in the theatres" (7/1/2011)


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