The Daily Brief – Friday, August 20, 2010

By Mike Fegelman

August 20, 2010


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August 20, 2010
Today’s News and Views About Israel

CBC News Now: Harry Forestall/Irris Makler: "Israel’s migrants: Ultra-Orthodox party wants to deport migrant children" (19/08/2010)
“As we’ve been hearing in the news, Canada’s trying to figure out what to do with migrants entering this country illegally. Israel on the other hand is grappling with a growing migrant population within its borders. An Ultra-Orthodox religious party wants to deport 400 children of migrant workers, many Israelis are opposed to that move and they have among their number one unlikely protestor, Irris Makler has more from Jerusalem.”
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TVO: The Agenda: Panel Discussion: "Monet, Moliere and minarets–The growing culture clash between Europe and Islam" (19/08/2010)
"Panel consists of: Randall Hansen is an Associate Professor of Political Science and holds a Research Chair at the University of Toronto, Anna C. Korteweg is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Toronto, Michael Coren is the host of The Michael Coren Show airing on CTS, and Mazen Chouaib is an Ottawa based international consultant and former Executive Director of the National Council on Canada-Arab Relations."
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Recommended Viewing: “Our man on Al-Jazeera”
A short film about Israel’s efforts to impact the Arab media. “Pride Week gets activist partner” (20/08/2010)
“Recent pride parades in Toronto and Montreal have been marred by controversy because of the debate about whether to include or exclude political groups such as Queers Against Israeli Apartheid."

Saskatoon Star Phoenix: Reuters: "Around the world in photos: Naturally cool" (20/08/2010)
“Palestinian boys cool off in the water of a natural spring known as Ein al-Sultan, near the West Bank city of Jericho on Thursday.”

Globe and Mail: Liam Lacey: “Lebanon: War seen through a gun sight” (20/08/2010)
“Like fellow Israeli filmmaker Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir), Samuel Maoz is a veteran of the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982. But the two directors have taken very different routes to memorialize their military experiences.”
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National Post: Vanessa Farquharson: "Film Review: The Infidel – Faith wore more" (20/08/2010)
“Lenny also has a typically Jewish library and so gives Mahmud an extensive reading list that includes Philip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint, a book of Yiddish sayings and another called Serious Illnesses (Woody Allen’s writings are inexplicably absent). Finally, as a true test of his chosen status, he brings Mahmud to a bar mitzvah, where he’s asked to tell an old joke about circumcision after signing a petition demanding that the local media portray Israel in a more favourable light.”
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Camera Blog: Snapshots: "Hardline Hillary?" (20/08/2010)
“In her statement announcing a resumption of direct talks between the Israelis and Palestinians, Hillary Clinton asserted, "These negotiations should take place without preconditions." So will the Associated Press call the Secretary of State’s stance "hard line," as it did when describing Israel’s call for negotiations without preconditions?”

Actualités et opinions sur Israël

Radio-Canada : RC/Reuters : « Navire humanitaire : Chypre s’oppose à l’escale dans ses ports » (20/08/2010)
« Le Mariam, un bateau humanitaire à destination de Gaza, doit quitter le Liban dimanche. Pour atteindre l’enclave palestinienne, le bateau doit passer par Chypre, mais les autorités chypriotes ont annoncé vendredi qu’elles n’autoriseraient pas d’escale. »
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Cyberpresse : Le Figaro : « Du maquillage pour Benyamin Nétanyahou » (20/08/2010)
« Il n’y a pas seulement les icônes de beauté qui utilisent le maquillage. Les hommes politiques aussi. »
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Le Devoir: Reuters: « Autorité palestinienne – Les pays arabes tardent à verser l’aide promise » (20/08/2010)
« L’aide des États arabes à l’Autorité palestinienne en 2010 est jusqu’ici très inférieure à celle des années précédentes, selon des chiffres de l’Autorité, et l’ONU craint une crise de liquidités propre à compliquer la tâche de Mahmoud Abbas. »
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           Today’s News and Views About Israel

CBC Radio: World Report: Ben Knight: "According to report, talks set resume between Israelis, Palestinians" (20/10/2010)
“There’s word that stalled Mideast peace talks may be getting a jump start. The United States is prepared to announce today that  direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians will resume shortly, but as Ben Knight reports from Jerusalem, neither side appears to be a willing participant.”
Listen to this report online   Send a letter to the CBC "Israelis, Palestinians to resume talks: reports" (20/08/2010)
Israeli and Palestinian officials will meet in early September for their first direct negotiations in 20 months, several media reports suggested Friday. The meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will take place in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 2, Reuters reported. U.S. President Barack Obama will also be in attendance.”
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CBC News Now: Harry Forestall/Susan Bonner: "Mideast peace talks to resume" (20/08/2010)
“An invitation to resume Middle East peace talks is being welcomed by Israeli and Palestinian leaders. That announcement was just made by U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Now, if these talks go ahead, then they’re going to happen in early September, possibly as early as September 2, Susan Bonner is following this developing story in Washington for u


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