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The Case Against "Israel Apartheid Week"

by Mike Fegelman

IAW Poster The fifth annual ?Israeli Apartheid Week? (IAW) has rolled into town and is currently taking place at a Canadian university campus near you (Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Fredericton, Halifax, Hamilton, Ottawa, Sudbury,Vancouver, Waterloo).

From March 1st to the 8th, organizers of this annual anti-Israel hate fest will attempt to demonize the state of Israel by comparing its policies to those of South Africa?s brutal apartheid regime. IAW is part of a larger strategy by opponents of Israel to delegitimize the state through what has been called the ?Durban strategy?: just as South Africa?s apartheid regime had to be destroyed, so too Israel must be destroyed. The apartheid accusation is a bald-faced lie and has been debunked countless times (Misused terms, Not an ?Apartheid Wall?, ?Road Apartheid? Debunked, ?Myths and Facts?, etc.).

The week-long event will undoubtedly spark heated debates in the Canadian media, as in these duelling commentaries published recently in the Winnipeg Free Press (?Israel an apartheid nation? No? and ?Israel an apartheid nation? Yes?). Please read ?Extremists Seek to Delegitimize Israel During "Apartheid Week"? for resources to help you counter the falsehoods which will inevitably seep into the Canadian media during Israel Apartheid Week. Please keep HonestReporting Canada in the loop by sending us a copy of all your communications with the media at action@honestreporting.ca



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