Thanks For Telling The Truth

November 22, 2007

Following our Nov. 20 communique where we asked our members to write to the National Post to commend the paper for adddressing the "Al Dura Affair" by printing a column from David Frum, the following letter was printed in today’s edition:

"Thanks for telling the truth: Re: L’ affaire al-Dura, David Frum, Nov. 17.

It is difficult to say what is more distressing and damaging to the credibility of the mainstream media — the cynical manipulation by a Palestinian cameraman with backing from the morally bankrupt French national broadcaster, or the silence of the mainstream North American media. The story of this forgery has been circulating for months on blogs, but to date, only the National Post has gone public with it.

North American newspapers and television networks are loath to reveal the extent to which their on-site reporters and cameramen are subject to controls imposed by the Palestinian Authority. For the record, all journalists are expected to employ a Palestinian "fixer," who gains them access to people and places, pitches stories to them and, most important, translates for them. It does not take a genius to determine the extent to which language is thus manipulated to promote a particular perspective. Additionally, all stories must be passed by the PA censor.

It is high time that the media refused to abide by these restrictions.

E. Joan O’Callaghan"


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