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by Mike Fegelman
    • September 2, 2022: A Toronto Star producer claimed that Israel has been occupying Ramallah for 75 years, since the Jewish State’s birth in 1948, which logically implies that Israel has no right to exist. At the same time, the Star’s report falsely claimed that a state of “Palestine” exists. After HRC filed a complaint, corrective action was taken by the Star.
    • Globe and Mail Amends Headline Describing Mahmoud Abbas As “Palestine” President
    • November 27, 2021: Toronto Star publishes clarification to retract its falsely publishing that there are “Israeli-slash-Jewish-only roads”:
    • January 13, 2021: HRC prompted the Toronto Star to remove their reporter’s referring to “Palestine” as the Palestinians have not been granted statehood.
    • May 21, 2019: In response to HRC’s complaint, CBC News has adjusted its digital copy around the segment with Mr. Murad, to correct the reference of “Palestine” to the “Palestinian Territories.” As well, CBC amended its interview to mention the following:Note: In the segment, Murad refers to “Palestine.” Our CBC Language policy, states there is no modern country of Palestine, although there’s a movement to establish one as part of a two-state peace agreement with Israel. Areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority are considered Palestinian territories: Fatah-run West Bank and Hamas-run Gaza Strip.”
    • May 16, 2019: MTL Blog Deletes Article Which Portrayed Israel Independence Day Celebrations as “Protests” and “Demonstrations”
    • May 19, 2015: CBC Issues Story Update re: Pope’s Disputed “Angel of Peace” Remark: After HRC contacted CBC News executives to voice our concerns about disputed comments attributed to Pope Francis claiming that he referred to PA President Mahmoud Abbas as an “angel of peace”, a story update was issued by the CBC.
    • CBC The World at Six, Aug 20 2010: CBC apologizes for incorrectly referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as “President” Netanyahu: “Although the introduction to the report said the negotiations would be “the first face-to-face negotiations between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the President of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas in almost two years,” in the report that followed, Mr. Adhopia inadvertently referred to both men as presidents. We regret the error.”
    • Vancouver Sun, Nov 6 2008: A Palestinian activist died in an Israeli raid, was a member of the armed wing of the radical Islamic Jihad movement. Editor stated the word ‘activist’ was not appropriate in this situation.” Correction issued.
    • CBC Online, July 16 2008: Report used the word Palestine instead of Palestinian. Correction issued, placed quotation marks around the word Palestine.
    • Waterloo Record, March 26 2008: According to a senior editor at the Waterloo Record: Apology – “Thanks for your note. We should have used the adjective “Palestinian” with the word “unity” to reflect the lead paragraph of the story. We take these issues seriously and are engaged in a series of discussions with copy editors on the need to improve our proof-reading.”
    • Saskatoon Star Phoenix, March 11 2008: According to a senior editor at the Saskatoon Star Phoenix: “Thanks for your letter regarding the reference to the Hamas “activist” in the Reuters story carried in the Star Phoenix March 8. That is not our policy at The StarPhoenix but was an oversight on the part of a desker who should have known better. Our policy is to use “terrorist” when referring to “terrorist” groups like Hamas. I have sent a reminder to the party involved to watch for that in wire copy in the future.”
    • Canadian Press, March 9 2008: Reporter described the Palestinian Authority or Palestinian Territories as ‘Palestine.’ New directive on the Middle East issued and new glossary of Mideast terms issued to all CP reporters.
    • CBC Online, Feb 4 2008: CBC editors changed the text of an online Mideast forum to remove the word ‘Palestine’ in exchange for the word ‘Mideast.
    • CBC News Around the World, Jan 31 2008: Apology – “Thanks for pointing it out. I will keep reminding my editors to be more vigilant with their prepositions,” according to a senior CBC editor after CBC TV’s Around the World program erroneously claimed that Israel went to war with Lebanon vs. Hezbollah in 2006.
    • Windsor Star, February 9, 2007: “Article’s headline erroneously described ‘Palestine’ instead of Palestinian territories or Palestinian Authority.” Correction issued.
    • City TV, Dec 12 2007: According to a City TV Producer: “Thank you for your email and for bringing this to my attention. Let me assure you that the information presented in our broadcast was in no way intended to mislead viewers. It was presented based on information put forward by the trusted news sources we use everyday. I accept your concern that our choice of wording could be interpreted as having a pro-Palestinian slant. This was not our intended purpose and I regret if it caused any distress. CityNews International always strives to provide a neutral perspective. As your email suggests, precision of language is essential to our presentation. While I cannot provide an on-air correction or clarification, I can assure you that your concerns are being taken very seriously. CityNews International always welcomes input from our viewers. We once again acknowledge and thank you for your concern. We have taken steps to avoid sliding into similar grey areas in the future. Thank you once again for presenting us with your viewpoint. Please feel free to contact me anytime.”
    • CBC World This Weekend, Sept 5 2007: According to a CBC Producer: Apology – “You wrote that during an interview with Middle East reporter Irris Makler on the July 8 edition of The World This Weekend program host Christopher Thomas referred to Mahmoud Abbas as the Palestinian “prime minister.” In fact, you pointed out, he is president. You are right. Although Mr. Abbas was briefly prime minister four years ago, he was elected president of the Palestinian Authority in 2005.”
    • CBC, July 26, 2007: “A story published July 25 about a proposal for Mideast peace started that an Arab League proposal for peace between Israel and Palestine was presented in Jerusalem. In fact, there is no country called Palestine. The proposal is for peace between Israel and Palestinians.” Correction issued.
    • CBC Radio, Jan 13 2006: Reporter mistranslated the Hebrew word for ‘terrorist’ as ‘suicide bomber.’ Admission of error.
    • CBC Online, Jan 3 2006: CBC referenced the Israeli city of ‘Jerusalem’ as ‘Palestine.’ Online story updated.



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