Column in Kingston Whig Standard Misrepresents Zionism & Downplays Jewish Connections To Israel

Alia Hogben is a respected feminist activist who has been widely recognized for her efforts, and is also a regular columnist The Kingston Whig Standard. Regrettably, her January 29 opinion column, “On Judaism, Zionism,” fundamentally misrepresents the basics of Zionism, and instead uses that false depiction to create a highly negative image of Israel. Hogben begins her […]

HRC Op-Ed Published In Winnipeg Free Press: “Fanning The Flames Of Antisemitism”

On November 22, the Winnipeg Free Press published an op-ed by Alison Moule, a self-described “anti-Zionist Jewish organizer,” who blamed Israel for a rise in antisemitism, saying that it “empowers antisemitic and Islamophobic violence elsewhere.” Not content to blame Israel’s counter-terrorism operations for a rise in Jew-hatred, Moule then appeared to blame Jews collectively for […]

Montreal Hate Rally Features Controversial Imam Who Calls For Genocide Against Zionists

In a deeply troubling turn of events, a pro-Palestinian rally held in Montreal on October 28, featured a horrifying display of hate speech and incitement to violence & genocide, where a rally participant openly called for the destruction and mass murder of Zionists (AKA Israeli Jews). The rally, attended by several hundred people, featured chants […]

La Presse Commentator Attacks Zionism As A “Settler Colonization Project”

Cliquez ici pour la version française Since Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn in again as Israeli prime minister at the end of December, he has faced relentless criticism for a number of campaign promises, primarily his pledge to conduct an overhaul of the Israeli judicial system. And while many critics in Israel and elsewhere have derided […]

Commemorating 125 Years Since 1st Zionist Congress

HRC’s Op-Ed was published in The Times of Israel on Monday, September 5, 2022 Over the course of three days in late August, 1897, 208 delegates gathered at Stadtcasino Basel, a concert hall in Basel, Switzerland. Together, they convened the first ever Zionist Congress, and they met as a small symbolic parliament to represent the desire […]