CBC and CPAC Broadcast Anti-Israel Radical Crashing Press Conference and Spewing Hatred

On Wednesday, May 25, Justice Minister David Lametti held a press conference on the constitutional rights of minorities in Quebec.  Halfway through the press conference, Justice Minister Lametti was interrupted by a radical anti-Israel activist named Yves Engler, who criticized Canada’s support for Israel, which he deemed an “apartheid” state, that he claims illegally recruits […]

Now Magazine Gives Platform To Unfounded Allegation Of IDF Recruitment In Canada

In the war to delegitimize the Jewish State, there appears to be a new campaign of disinformation being used against Israel. In Yves Engler’s May 17 op-ed in Now Magazine, “The push to stop Israeli military recruitment in Canada,” he claims that the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) are illegally recruiting for soldiers in Canada, in […]

In the Huffington Post, “Israel: Western Imperialism Favors Democracy”

Huff Post blogger Diane Weber Bederman rebuts blogger Yves Engler who refers to Israel as part of “western Imperialism”, hinting that the Jews are interlopers, and for his support of organizations that are anti-Zionist. Says Bederman: “These organizations talk about bringing peace to the conflicts in the Middle East. No, wait, I must amend that. […]