Webinar: Addressing Anti-Israel Bias In The Media

HonestReporting Canada is proud to be a part of this great webinar organized by Hasbara Fellowships Canada on Addressing Anti-Israel Bias in the Media. Panelists include Yoni Goldstein of the Canadian Jewish News (The CJN), Lahav Harkov, Senior Editor with The Jerusalem Post and Mike Fegelman, Executive Director of Honest Reporting Canada. The panel will […]

TVO The Agenda Guest Spreads Malicious Lies Against Israel

With great interest, HonestReporting Canada watched TVO The Agenda’s recent October 30 broadcast about the potential that may exist for “A Third Palestinian Intifada.” At a time when Israeli civilians are being butchered, shot at, and run over by Palestinian terrorists in the streets of Tel Aviv, Hebron, and Jerusalem, there was nothing out of […]