CTV Gives Undue Platform to Anti-Zionist Professor to Discuss EU Labeling Controversy

CTV News has the right to interview any guest of its choosing, yet of all the people and experts CTV could have interviewed on the sensitive topic of the European Union’s labeling of goods produced in Israeli settlements – one that Israel claims is inherently racist and discriminatory – CTV gave an undue platform to Professor Yakov Rabkin, […]

Radio-Canada Should Clarify When it Uses “Experts” with an Anti-Israel Agenda

French version follows English: So much for Radio-Canada’s implementation of its Ombudsman’s directive for more accurate and fair reporting on Israel. On February 16, in an episode of Radio-Canada’s current affairs program Tout le Monde en Parle, two so-called objective “experts” on the Middle East were interviewed (watch by clicking here or below) following Minister […]