WATCH: Israel’s Foreign Minister Visits Jerusalem – Palestinians Resort to Rejectionism

Yair Lapid, Israel’s Foreign Minister, recently visited Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate, in the municipality’s Old City, for a security tour with local police officials. Although all of Jerusalem remains in sovereign Israeli control, as soon as Lapid’s visit became public, the Palestinian leadership immediately condemned the move. This knee-jerk condemnation, by both Hamas and the Palestinian […]

Toronto Star Op-Ed Claims Israel Is An “Apartheid” State On Same Day That Arab-Islamist Party Joins Potential Coalition Government

Amazingly, on the historic day that an Arab-Islamist political party had – for the first time in Israeli history – pledged to join a coalition government, one with left-wing progressives, secular centrists and members of the religious right, the Toronto Star outrageously published an op-ed by Raja Khouri claiming that Israel is an “apartheid” state. […]

Alert: CBC Radio's One-Sided Report on Appointment of New U.S. Ambassador to Israel

President-Elect Donald Trump’s appointment of David Friedman (pictured right) to serve as new U.S. Ambassador to Israel has been met with lots of news coverage in the mainstream media, much of it was myopic and was rife with hysteria, hyperbole, and doom & gloom scenarios. Instead of informing listeners that many international Jewish organizations and […]