HRC Files Complaint Due to CBC Reporter’s Biased Reporting About Israel

In response to several unfair and inaccurate reports about Israel that CBC TV’s The National and CBC Radio’s World Report recently broadcast, HonestReporting Canada has filed a formal complaint with senior executives at our public broadcaster calling for immediate corrective action to remedy the CBC’s biased reporting about Israel. As of this writing, we await […]

HRC Secures On-Air Correction on CBC Radio

On June 16, HRC brought to the attention of CBC an error that was stated that morning on CBC Radio’s World Report program where journalist Yolande Knell erroneously claimed that “… no Palestinian militant group has said it’s responsible for the disappearance of the Israelis.” You can listen to this report by clicking here. However, as […]

CBC Concedes Reporting Lacked Israeli Point of View

On April 4, several CBC Radio and Television news programs reported on protests and violence that flared up in areas of the West Bank subsequent to the death of a Palestinian prisoner from cancer in an Israeli jail. For example, CBC Radio’s “World Report” news program carried a report by CBC Mideast bureau chief Derek […]