HRC Op-Ed Published In Winnipeg Free Press: “Fanning The Flames Of Antisemitism”

On November 22, the Winnipeg Free Press published an op-ed by Alison Moule, a self-described “anti-Zionist Jewish organizer,” who blamed Israel for a rise in antisemitism, saying that it “empowers antisemitic and Islamophobic violence elsewhere.” Not content to blame Israel’s counter-terrorism operations for a rise in Jew-hatred, Moule then appeared to blame Jews collectively for […]

Winnipeg Free Press Prints Misleading Anti-Israel Photo

On March 9, the Winnipeg Free Press published a highly misleading Associated Press photo depicting bellicose Israeli soldiers armed with automatic rifles standing guard as a Palestinian worker received his dose of the COVID vaccine in Israel. The headline read: “On Guard Against Covid” and it featured the following caption: “Israeli soldiers stand guard as […]

Winnipeg Free Press Commentator Wrongly Claims Jesus Was Palestinian

John Longhurst is guilty of historical revisionism for promulgating the myth that Jesus was Palestinian in his July 11 Winnipeg Free Press commentary.   It’s undisputed that Jesus was a Jew born in the land of Judea who lived in the Galilee. In fact, Jesus would never have even heard the word ‘Palestine’, a Roman […]

Antisemitic Vandalism at Jewish-Run Winnipeg Cafe Gets Prominent Media Coverage

Good to see that the Winnipeg Free Press and CBCNews gave prominent coverage to a recent incident of antisemitic vandalism at a restaurant run by an observant Jewish family. Police are probing the antisemitic graffiti as a hate crime. For more information, see the following news reports from CBC News and the Winnipeg Free Press.

Winnipeggers Condemn Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory Published in Winnipeg Free Press

On April 12, the Winnipeg Free Press published the following odious anti-semitic conspiracy theory peddled by letter writer Don Hermiston, who accused Israel of using chemical weapons against Syrian civilians: On April 14, the Free Press published the following four letters which criticized this letter and the paper itself for publishing it: