Former Windsor Municipal Candidate Utters Antisemitic Tropes On Social Media

Helmi Charif, a former Windsor municipal candidate who lost Ward 3 during the most recent provincial election in October 2022, has been previously exposed by HonestReporting Canada for his hateful and venomous statements on his personal Facebook page, including a bizarre theory in Arabic that “Zionists” are somehow “orchestrating events taking place in Ukraine” and […]

Windsor Municipal Candidate Spews Anti-Israel Venom On Facebook: Where Is The News Media?

Ontarians will vote on Monday, October 24 in municipal elections held across the province. From large cities to small towns, voters will choose elected representatives for a variety of positions, including mayors, members of council, as well as school board trustees. In municipal elections, typical issues of concern are property tax rates, schooling and other […]

Hey Windsor Star: These Palestinian Protestors Support Israel’s Destruction!

Dear editors of the Windsor Star: These “Palestinian supporters” that you portray want the Jewish state of Israel replaced (destroyed) and made a Palestinian-Arab state judging by the logo of this organization which features a Palestinian flag over the State of Israel. Perhaps you might want to inform your readers about their agenda? Yours truly, […]

HRC Op-Ed In The Guardian Combats Smear Against Ben-Gurion’s Legacy

In The Guardian today, HonestReporting Canada was given op-ed space to combat an odious smear against former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Our efforts set the record straight about Ben-Gurion’s incredible life and legacy. Read our op-ed by clicking here or see below.

HRC Counterpoint In Chronicle Herald: Ben-Gurion Bashed Unfairly

On October 8, HonestReporting Canada was given space in the Chronicle Herald to rebut anti-Israel detractor Garry Leech who sought to smear former Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion as a terrorist and an advocate of ethnic cleansing in an October 2 commentary. See also an excellent rebuttal commentary appended below by Allen Robertson which was […]