After HRC Complaint, Toronto Star Amends Article Mentioning That Palestinian Teen Killed By IDF Was A Hamas Terrorist

On November 30, The Toronto Star published a report by journalist Allan Woods, entitled: “Deadly Israeli bus-stop shootings cast doubt over future of an already fragile ceasefire”, which covered the uncertainty of the temporary truce holding between Israel and Hamas, after the murders of 3 innocent Israeli victims by Hamas operatives in Jerusalem and the ongoing violence in Judea and […]

HRC Prompts Global National On-Air Correction After Falsely Accusing Israel Of Occupying Gaza & Repressing Israeli Arabs & Palestinians

On July 25, Global National broadcast a report covering the ongoing controversy surrounding Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned judicial overhaul, following an important piece of the legislation being passed by Israel’s Knesset, or parliament. The broadcast, filed by Global News’ Europe Bureau Chief, Crystal Goomansingh, also shed light on the widespread demonstrations throughout Israel […]

Success! Associated Press, The Toronto Star, CTV News & National Post Amend Headlines After Failing To Identify Dead Palestinian As A Terrorist Gunman

On September 5, 2023, The Toronto Star, The National Post, and CTV News published an Associated Press (AP) article whose headline failed to properly identify a Palestinian killed by IDF soldiers during a counter-terror raid in Judea and Samaria (known in media parlance as the “west bank”), as a gunman and a member of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad […]

As Israel Endures New Wave Of Terror, Canadian Media Misleads

In gruesome and terrifying scenes eerily reminiscent of the violence and carnage that Israelis endured during the 2nd Intifada, terror once again struck throughout the Jewish state. From Friday through Sunday, Israelis experienced one of the worst waves of terror attacks perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists in decades: • On Friday, January 27, a 21-year-old Palestinian […]