Editorial Cartoon In Hamilton Spectator & Waterloo Record Depicts Bloodied Benjamin Netanyahu Throwing American-Made Bombs On Hungry Palestinian Civilians

UPDATE: On March 24, the Hamilton Spectator and Waterloo Record published the following oped: On the heels of La Presse’s publishing a blood libel editorial cartoon depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a blood-sucking vampire, a caricature replete with antisemitic tropes and which was ultimately removed by the publication who also issued a formal […]

In Waterloo Record & Hamilton Spectator HRC Says: “Don’t Equate Israel With Iran”

In response to a December 10 Gwynne Dyer op-ed published in the Waterloo Record and Hamilton Spectator which argued that Iran doesn’t pose a “mortal threat” to Israel, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman’s rebuttal was published in both papers arguing that: Irrespective of whether or not Israel possesses nuclear weapons, it’s simply absurd for Gwynne […]

HRC Op-Ed In TorStar Papers: “UN Palestinian Agency Doesn’t Reflect Canadian Values”

In the TorStar newspapers the Hamilton Spectator and Waterloo Record today, HRC Research Analyst Noah Lewis argues that Canada should put a moratorium on funding UNRWA, the corrupt UN Palestinian relief agency tarred for having ties to terrorists, whose staff author and distribute virulently antisemitic materials, and which perpetuates the conflict by promising that all […]