UPDATED: Canadian Armed Forces Apologizes & Deletes Anti-Israel Article After HRC Complaint

Update: October 19, 2021: Yesterday, in response to a complaint filed by HonestReporting Canada and scores of our subscribers, the Canadian Armed Forces unreservedly apologized for the harm it caused by publishing an anti-Israel article and have deleted it in its entirety from its website. In response, HonestReporting Canada Executive Director Mike Fegelman issued the […]

UPDATED: Without Evidence, CBC Claims Iran “Disbanded (Its) Military Nuclear Program”

UPDATED: December 3, 2020: HonestReporting Canada is happy to report that CBC News has agreed with our criticisms of their reporting and has taken remedial action to set the record straight. For example, CBC issued the following clarification notice appended to its reporting acknowledging that Iran’s claim that it “disbanded (its) military nuclear program” is […]

SUCCESS: HRC Prompts Washington Post & Toronto Star to Correct False Report

Today, the Toronto Star and the Washington Post – two of North America’s biggest news organizations – issued the following correction and story rewrite after HonestReporting Canada informed these newspapers that a report alleging that Israeli Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel had called for the forcible removal of thousands of Palestinians from Area C of the west bank, was […]

HRC Prompts Amendment to Gerald Caplan Column in the Globe and Mail

On August 15, the Globe and Mail published an online column by its house Israel-critic, commentator Gerald Caplan, who erroneously claimed the following: “We know, by international law, that Israel is illegally occupying both Gaza and the West Bank. We know that no Israeli government has ever stopped allowing Palestinian land to be appropriated for Israeli […]