In Full-Page Ottawa Citizen Ad, HRC Continues To Unmask The True Face Of Hamas

On Saturday, January 6, The Ottawa Citizen, published a full-page colour advertisement by HonestReporting Canada. This follows our first full-page ad, on December 16 in the Toronto Star. The advertisement, titled “CAN A NEWSPAPER AD STOP WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST? NO, BUT KNOWING ALL THE FACTS CAN HELP”, reminded readers of some of the most fundamental […]

Russian-Israeli Dispute Could End Up Strengthening Iran & Hezbollah

In times of war, innocent civilians often pay a heavy price, whether by being killed or injured in conflict, or displaced as refugees. Since the Russo-Ukrainian War began in February 2022, 5,000 civilians are estimated to have died in the conflict, and nearly 10 million people – about one in four Ukrainians – are thought […]

Watch: “Globalize The Intifada” Means “Kill The Jews”

During the 2021 Hamas war against Israel, anti-Israel protesters called for an Intifada against Israel, and some even called to “Globalize the Intifada.” The Intifada, an Arabic word for uprising, was a violent multi-year terror campaign against the Jewish State which claimed a thousand innocent Israeli lives. Now, as more Islamist terror attacks happen in […]