Israel and the Jewish People’s Biblical Claims to Judea and Samaria

If you relied exclusively on media reports to understand the “Israeli-Palestinian conflict, “often hearing about the “occupied West Bank,” you could reasonably think that the Jewish people have little to no historical connection to that area, but nothing could be further from the truth. The “West Bank” refers to its location on the western bank […]

Toronto Star Erroneously Claims “West Bank” is “Palestinian Land”

Today, the Toronto Star republished a New York Times article where Star editors gave the following erroneous sub-headline: “Netanyahu’s pledge to annex Palestinian land a challenge to centrists”. The article’s main headline was: “West Bank’s future comes to forefront in Israel’s election”. The Times article also incorrectly stated the following: “The incremental entrenchment of Jewish […]

Listen: CBC Radio Broadcasts Biased Report About “Displaced” Palestinians

On May 27 at 9:18pm EST, CBC Radio’s the “World This Weekend” news program hosted by Anchor David Common, aired a woefully biased anti-Israel report about “displaced” Palestinians by reporter Rebecca Collard. The close to 5-minute feature-length report can be heard at the following link or by clicking onto the listen now button below. Anchor David Common […]