Toronto Star Amends Headline Removing Reference of “Israeli War Crimes”

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has been long criticized for its faulty methodology and anti-Israel biases. This week’s release of yet another HRW report condemning Israel for alleged “war crimes” was just another example of HRW’s gratuitous gang up on the Jewish state. As NGO Monitor President Gerald M. Steinberg described: “Human Rights Watch has a […]

HRC Insider Briefing Webinar: Debunking “Israeli Apartheid”

In the wake of a recent Human Rights Watch (HRW) report accusing Israel of “apartheid,” an unfounded allegation that received flattering coverage by the Canadian and mainstream media, HonestReporting Canada has undertaken a concerted effort to debunk this libel as part of our Insider Briefing webinar series. On Sunday May 30 at 1pm ET, join […]

Backgrounder: The Morality of the Israel Defense Forces

When forced to engage in warfare to confront terrorists – both domestically and abroad – Israel is often held to a double standard when employing military and security procedures which are in strict compliance with international law and the Geneva Conventions. On a daily basis, Israeli forces (and civilians) confront suicidal Palestinian stabbers, kamikaze car […]

HRC Commentary Published on Huffington Post: "ICC Membership Only Hinders the Palestinian Cause"

In our latest Huffington Post Canada commentary entitled “ICC Membership Only Hinders the Palestinian Cause”, HRC Executive Director Mike Fegelman writes: “The PA’s diplomatic stunt is a zero-sum game that will only obstruct the peace process and assault Israel’s legitimacy. In no way does the Palestinian attempt to join the International Criminal Court advance the prospects […]