CBC’s Biased Coverage of “March of Return” Riots at Gaza-Israel Border

Not surprisingly, our public broadcaster’s coverage of the “Great March of Return” riots at the Gaza-Israel border this past weekend was biased against Israel, prompting HonestReporting Canada to file complaints calling for remedial action. On March 30 at 3:03pm, CBC Radio aired a report from Lauren Izo (sp?) about the “March of Return” protests. Ms. […]

Toronto Star Publishes NYT Article Suggesting Israel Committed “War Crimes”

While tragic, the death of Palestinian medic Rouzan al-Najjar at a June 2018 Hamas-orchestrat ed border riot was, according to the New York Times itself, an accident as an errant bullet split after ricocheting off the ground and gravely wounding her. This incident was unintentional and most certainly, not a war crime. Meanwhile, the Hamas […]

HRC in Williams Lake Tribune: "Opinion On War Has No Foundation"

In the Williams Lake Tribune, HRC countered a columnist’s claim  that Israeli forces intentionally target Palestinian children for political purposes. Read our full letter below: Opinion on war has no foundation – November 25, 2015 In war, the first casualty is the truth. Williams Lake Tribune columnist Diana French outrageously accuses Israel of “terrorism” implying that Israeli […]

Hateful Screed Against Israel Listed As One of Toronto Star's Most Popular in 2014

It says a lot about the Toronto Star and its readership, that the 9th most popular story published to its website in 2014 was a hateful screed written by Vancouver author Gabor Maté that compared the Gaza Strip to the Warsaw Ghetto. On December 31, TheStar.com’s Natasha Grzincic reported that based on the number of page […]