HRC In Sooke News: “We Must Identify Antisemitism and Combat It”

Check out HRC Research Analyst Noah Lewis’s latest rebuttal in the Sooke News Mirror on why we must identify antisemitism and forcefully combat it. No one is saying that criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic. Fair criticism of Israel is just as legitimate as criticizing any other country. It seems that where letter-writer Peter Stokoe is […]

Radio-Canada Turns BDS Propaganda into Anti-Israel Article

On February 16, Radio-Canada published an article to its website about how the anti-Israel organization CJPME, has called on Canada “to cancel its $36-million purchase of an Israeli-made civilian maritime surveillance drone over concerns about the manufacturer’s human rights record.” The report by Radio-Canada’s Levon Sevunts (pictured right) masquerades propaganda as legitimate reporting and was […]

Explainer: The ICC, a Kangaroo Court that Engages in Palestinian Lawfare

  In the Middle East, the most dangerous actions typically come in the form of explosions, gunshots and bloodshed, but not always. On Friday, February 5, one of the most dangerous events in modern Middle East history occurred, but it happened in The Hague, a city in the Netherlands which houses the International Criminal Court […]

Neil Macdonald Tacitly Accuses Israel of War Crimes on CBC Opinion

Writing on CBC Opinion, columnist Neil Macdonald (well-known for his anti–Israel animus) penned an essay claiming President Trump is “now pardoning convicted and accused war criminals, and effectively advising the Pentagon not to prosecute American soldiers who commit atrocities in other countries.” As is his modus operandi, Macdonald once again dragged Israel into a story […]