Success! Prominent Anti-Israel Activist Firas al-Najim’s Account Deleted By TikTok Following HonestReporting Canada Actions

Firas al-Najim, one of Canada’s most prominent anti-Israel activists has now had his latest TikTok account, which had over 1,300 followers, deleted by the platform following HonestReporting Canada’s latest actions. This immediately follows his suspension by Twitter following a campaign by HRC to remove him from the platform due to his publishing hateful and antisemitic […]

SUCCESS! CBC Retracts Claim that Mahmoud Abbas is a "Staunch Opponent of Violence"

As we noted in our recent critical analysis of Canadian media coverage of the tensions and terror attacks on the Temple Mount, on July 22, had featured Associated Press coverage claiming that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is “… a staunch opponent of violence…” In making this statement, both AP and CBC News inserted their personal opinions into their […]

HRC in Huffington Post: "When Criticism of Israel Becomes Anti-Semitism"

This commentary was co-authored by Josh Benjamin, Research Analyst at HonestReporting Canada. No country is perfect and it certainly isn’t difficult to find imperfections in every country in the world. Indubitably, some countries are more flawed than others. Surely Iran, Cuba and North Korea have more flaws than the United States, Canada and Israel combined. […]