Adbusters Magazine Calls Hamas Terrorists “Freedom Fighters”

Adbusters, a Vancouver-based magazine, describes itself as “global collective of writers, artists, designers, musicians, poets, philosophers and punks,” positioning itself as an alternative voice for the masses. But in its 171st edition entitled: “Terrorist or freedom fighter?” the magazine showed itself to be a promoter of murderous jihadist terrorism instead. The front cover depicted various […]

Vancouver Nakba Day Rally Sees Participants Openly Incite Terrorism Against Israel

In only 75 years of its modern existence, Israel has made remarkable strides. Immediately after proclaiming its independence in 1948, it was invaded by its Arab neighbours who attempted to destroy the newly reborn country. In subsequent years, Israel was able to achieve significant economic growth, significantly expand its population, and continue to defend itself […]

Adbusters Magazine Quotes Palestinian Saying First Palestinian Intifada An “Artistic Project”

In the most recent edition of Adbusters Magazine released in April, the Vancouver-based publication which describes itself as a “a global collective of writers, artists, designers, musicians, poets, philosophers and punks,” published a lengthy question-and-answer article entitled: “First Intifada was an Artistic Project,” featuring an interview between Croatia-based journalist Lela Vujanić and Khaled Hourani, a […]

Adbusters Magazine Denies Israel’s Right to Exist

Like a defeated boxer who keeps crawling back into the ring, insisting that the fight isn’t over when it’s long been called, Adbusters is at it again. Adbusters, the Vancouver-based alternative and anti-capitalist magazine with a long history of publishing anti-Israel content, stooped to a new low in its latest edition on August 2. The […]

WATCH: Adbusters Magazine Compares Convicted Palestinian Terrorist to Nelson Mandela

Adbusters, a Vancouver-based magazine, recently produced a graphic comparing Marwan Barghouti, a convicted Palestinian terrorist, with late South African anti-Apartheid advocate Nelson Mandela, and called Barghouti a “political prisoner.” This is not only disconnected from reality but is a whitewashing of Palestinian terrorism. Watch our latest video and please share it to help make it […]